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How to get eHAC Indonesia Mandatory Requirements for Traveling

eHAC Indonesia is one of the applications that you must know during the current Covid-19 pandemic, this is one of the conditions for traveling both by plane and other modes of transportation. For that we will discuss this application in full by filling out the eHAC.

About eHAC Indonesia Apk

Please note that eHAC stands for electronic-Health Alert Card or also known as Electronic Health Alert Card.

eHAC is a mandatory requirement for domestic and international travel during the current pandemic, the aim is to minimize the risk of Covid-19 transmission. eHAC Indonesia was developed by the Ministry of Health (Kemenkes).

How to get eHAC ?

To get eHAC as a condition for traveling, there are 3 ways you can do, firstly using the eHAC Indonesia APK application which can be downloaded on the Google Play Store for Android users or the Apps Store for iOS users, and the second way through the official website of eHAC Indonesia and the last one through the PeduliLindung application.

In the following we will provide the steps of each method that we have mentioned above:

How to Get eHAC Through the App

  1. First, you can use an application called eHAC Indonesia. Unfortunately on the Google PlayStore the application is no longer available, you can download APKs from sites other than Google Play, but you really have to be more careful in choosing the application so you don’t get it wrong.
  2. To make it easier for you to get the application, you can get the download link below, the application is only 19.8 MB in size. >> Link Download eHAC Indonesia APK <<
  3. To install applications from outside the Google Play Store, you must activate the ‘Unknown Source‘ which is in Settings >> Privacy >> enable Unknown Source or Unknown Source.
  4. Next Install the application until the process is complete.
  5. If you have opened the application and register in the application.
  6. The app will ask for permission to access photo, media and document storage on the device.
  7. To create an eHAC, you can directly make it by going to the HAC menu, selecting domestic if you want to travel out of town, and International eHAC for visiting Indonesia.
  8. Then fill in personal data such as name, age, identity number and others.
  9. Then fill in the health symptoms experienced, if there are no symptoms please leave it blank.
  10. Later, a barcode will be issued which will be used to show it to the officer at the inspection site.


Based on the latest news from Detik.com, that there is a data leak in the eHAC Indonesia application, so we recommend you not to use the application, instead you can use the PeduliLindung application.

“The government asks the public to delete, delete, delete, or uninstall the old eHAC application, which is separate,” said Head of the Ministry of Health’s Data and Information Center, Anas Ma’ruf, Tuesday (31/8/2021) Source: detik. com.

How to get eHAC through the PeduliLindung application

how to get ehac

Instead of the Indonesian eHAC application, you can get eHAC through the PeduliLindung application, for how to register for this application we have discussed it in full here.

The tutorial article is very complete on how to fill out the registration form at CareLindung. If you already have an account, you can follow the steps below to get an eHAC for traveling purposes.

1. Login to PeduliLindung Application.

2. Then click the eHAC menu.

3. Just like in the eHAC Indonesia application, there are two menu options that you can choose from, “Domestic eHAC” for out-of-town trips, “International eHAC” for someone who wants to come to Indonesia. Choose and customize it with the trip you are going to do.

3. Fill in the form completely to get eHAC.

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The final word

So before traveling, you have to make an eHAC first! Because how to make an eHAC is also not as complicated as you think, but in addition to getting an eHAC, before traveling, make sure you have also vaccinated and also did a Covid-19 test with negative results for the safety and comfort of the trip.

What is eHAC Indonesia?

eHAC stands for electronic-Health Alert Card or also known as Electronic Health Alert Card which is a mandatory requirement for domestic and international travel during the pandemic.

How to get eHAC ?

You can easily get eHAC through the PeduliLindung application, for that you must register yourself in the application to get eHAC for travel requirements.

How to fill out eHAC Indonesia?

We have reviewed it in full for you through this page, make sure you are registered in the Cares Protect application.

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