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How to Get Blue Tick IG

IG Blue Tick – Having a lot of followers and verified accounts on Instagram is something that many people really want. Moreover, the account you are using has received verification from Instagram in the form of a blue tick. Of course this is very beneficial for the account owner. What’s more, the commodities owned can be used in other directions such as business or promotional media.

When your Instagram account has a blue tick, then Instagram has indirectly informed the public that the account is an official account. Thus, making the prestige of the account rise and be easier to find and more trusted by many people.

Financially, accounts that already have a blue tick usually have the potential to get endorsements or can also be used as a business field that makes money. Here are some benefits and how to get blue ticks on Instagram social media accounts.

Get to know the Blue Tick Terms Used by Instagram

IG Blue Tick

The blue tick on the Instagram account is a symbol that helps Instagram social media users to find certain accounts such as public figures, celebrities, to official brands that are already known and recognized. This verification badge can be found on official accounts with a blue tick to the right of the account name.

The benefit of this blue tick is the increased trust of Instagram users to an account that already has blue tick verification. That way, the account will be considered positively and trusted by many Instagram users, especially if the account is used for business, invites many people to do something, as well as a promotional platform to introduce new products or places.

So indirectly the blue tick on the Instagram account explains to many audiences that the account is a genuine account. So that the potential for other users to find fraud is minimized when he interacts with the account that has been verified by the blue tick.

Who Gets Blue Ticks on Instagram?

Usually this blue tick is given to people or brands that are already quite famous on Instagram social media. The goal is to give recognition to the account so that the account’s many followers do not have the potential to be scammed.

As is known, the use of fake accounts and fraudsters tends to target influential famous accounts on social media. Fraudsters will use accounts with well-known brands or people, to attract the attention of many people and use them for other purposes. So in overcoming this, Instagram created a symbol to signify an official account in the form of a blue tick to be known by other users.

Why Do Many People Want Blue Tick IG Accounts?

Based on the explanation above, it is not surprising that many people crave an account that has a blue tick. Because the account that has a blue tick has become an icon that proves that the account is genuine. So, if the owner wants to use the account for other things, such as selling or introducing a product, it will be easier to accept and have a positive impact on his followers.

This is what underlies why many people want accounts that have been verified by Instagram to turn the blue tick. This is a major form of achievement for someone who really wants to take Instagram seriously, whether it’s for a business field or a promotional platform that brings benefits to account owners.

Can All Instagram Accounts Have a Blue Tick?

Basically the blue tick can be obtained by all Instagram social media users. However, to get the blue tick, Instagram users must meet several requirements set by Instagram. If the user has met these requirements, then the account owner can apply to Instagram to get a blue tick.

However, the requirements for verifying the blue tick on Instagram are not easy. This is what makes the blue tick given by Instagram to users into an exclusive special label. This blue tick is just like a badge of appreciation and respect for someone who is already quite famous and has more contribution on Instagram social media.

Account Terms in Submitting a Blue Tick on Instagram

Until now, to get a blue tick on Instagram there are still no clear requirements. So, the requirements that must be met to get the blue tick are still a mystery until now. However, based on some experience, there are several criteria that must be met before submitting an account verification to Instagram. Here are some of the criteria that are requirements to apply for Instagram account verification to get a blue tick:

  1. Accounts must be authentic where the account really represents a real person, business or entity.
  2. It has its own uniqueness where the account to be registered represents a particular person or business.
  3. Fulfill the completeness of self in the form of biodata, profile photo and several posts that are published and are not personal.
  4. Has a fairly good popularity among other accounts which makes the account quite actively visited.

Although some of the requirements described do not state the minimum number of followers, in fact the opportunity to get a blue tick feels bigger and easier when the account has a large number of followers.

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Submission Steps to Get Blue Tick on Instagram

After knowing the requirements to get a blue tick, the next step you need to know is the procedure for verifying Instagram to get a blue tick. Here are the steps you have to do to verify in getting the blue tick:

  1. Go to the account profile that you want to verify the blue tick.
  2. Please press the three line icon in the upper right corner, then select the settings menu.
  3. In the settings menu, please take “account” and select “request verification.”
  4. On the “request verification” menu you will be asked to fill in some data such as name, photo, identity card in the form of an ID card, driver’s license or passport which is used as proof of account ownership. You must also ensure that the completeness is filled with correct information.
  5. If so, please click “submit registration” to complete the blue tick verification process.

If you have done these steps correctly, then the next step you have to do is wait for a decision from Instagram. Previously, Instagram will process and review all the data you have sent for the blue tick submission.

Within a few days, you will get a reply from Instagram informing you whether the application you submitted was approved or rejected. If the application for the blue tick of your account is rejected by Instagram, then you can resubmit the application after the next 30 days.

However, if you pass the account verification and get a blue tick from Instagram, there are several conditions that must be obeyed so that the blue tick is not revoked. These requirements include:

  • Do not advertise, transfer or sell accounts that have a blue tick.
  • Do not use profile photos, biodata or account names intended for the promotion of fraudulent services.
  • Do not use account verification services through third parties.

That’s the information about the Blue Tick IG, how to get it, and other things related to it. Hopefully the information in this article is useful, especially for those of you who want to submit a blue tick request on Instagram.

What is Blue Tick IG?

Blue Tick IGs are Instagram Accounts that earn a verified Badge with a tick icon appearing next to the Instagram account name on search and on profiles. This means that Instagram has confirmed the authenticity of an account that represents the existence of a public figure, celebrity or brand. We don’t

How to Get Instagram Blue Tick ?

To request a verified badge or blue tick, you must be a public figure, celebrity or entrepreneur and meet certain account and eligibility requirements. Can be seen here for the requirements.

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