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How to Flash Asus Z007 Easily!

Are you having problems with your Asus Z007 cellphone system? and want to flash but don’t know how? In the following, we will discuss how to flash Asus Z007 easily!

With the development of the times, technology on smartphones is also growing, the conveniences offered by smartphones can really help humans in their daily activities. The sophistication of old smartphones is also no less good than the latest smartphone or the latest version, Asus Zenfone Z007 for example. This 2021s Android smartphone was quite booming at the time, and quite a lot of people are still using it today.

But like humans, electronic devices also have ‘health’ conditions that must be considered. Usually an old smartphone will need a new refresh to be able to use it comfortably again. Flashing one of them.

What is flashing? Flashing means to plant or replace the old system into a new and ‘fresh’ system. Okay, without further ado, see the steps below!

How to Flash Asus Z007 Easily!

Flashing Asus Z007 via SD Card

  • First, you can prepare a friend’s SD Card that has enough available space, then Download the Asus Zenfone C Firmware here!
  • If it has been downloaded, my friend can copy the file to the SD Card in the form of .zip
  • If you previously downloaded the Firmware to the SD Card via a laptop or computer, please immediately install the SD Card into the Asus Zenfone C.
  • Turn off the cellphone and enter Recovery Mode by pressing the button Volume Down + Power at the same time, later my friend will enter recovery mode.
  • Then here you can select the bottom menu, namely “apply update from sdcard“.

Notes:You can select it by using the volume up or down button, and to click it you can use the power button. Because the screen or screen does not work when touched.

  • Next, you can find the firmware file on the SD Card.
  • Yup, the flashing process is already running, my friend has to wait and please be patient because it will take up to 10 minutes.
  • If it is, then it will return to the initial Recovery Mode display, my friend here can choose reboot system“.
  • Yup, your Asus will restart automatically and go to the settings wizard / home screen. Please be patient, as this may take a while. So, don’t close it, let alone remove the battery!

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Flashing Via Computer

  • First, my friend must prepare the tools and materials first before flashing. As for friends, you have to prepare:
  • Download Asus Android USB Driver. (Install on Computer/Laptop)
  • Download Asus Flashtool Zenfone C. (Install on Computer/Laptop)
  • Download Firmware Asus Zenfone C Z007 (Extract)
  • Computer / Laptop with Windows OS.
  • Data cable / USB (make sure you use the original data cable).

If all the above ingredients are ready, follow the steps as below:

  • First. You have to make sure your Asus cellphone has more than 50% battery. To be more secure, my friend can charge it up to 100%.
  • Next, you can enter Droidboot Mode or Factory Mode. How to? You can press the button “power + volume UP” simultaneously. .
  • Then, open the Asus Flash Tool application on your PC, and run it as administrator. How, my friend can right click then click Run as administrator.
  • Next, you can connect your Asus Zenfone C Z007 smartphone to your PC / Laptop with a USB or data cable.
  • If Asus is already connected, you can open the application Asus Flash Tool. There, my friend, please select the type ZC451CG, and on Wipe Data please select the option Yes.
Flash Asus Z007
  • Well here, my friend, please click browse then search and select Firmware which you have downloaded the previous extract.
Flash Asus Z007
  • Next, my friend, please click on the USB icon, then click or select the button Start to start the flashing process.
  • Yup, buddy, please wait until the flashing process is complete.
  • Now here the state will change color to green and a notification “Flash image successfully” appears, meaning that the flashing process has been completed and successfully run!
Flash Asus Z007
  • If it is successful, please close the Asus Flash Tools application and remove the USB cable. The next friend must reboot Asus by selecting the reboot menu in Factory Mode.
  • Yup, my friend has to wait for the boot process to run. This process is quite long, so friends, please be patient!
  • If it’s alive, please make your own settings for the language and so on.

In addition to using several ways to flash the Asus Z007 HP, there are also other ways, namely via adb or stands for Android Debug Bridge to use it, you have to install ADB for ASUS by googling it because many have given it away for free.

For how to flash HP ASUS Z007 via ADB the method is a little more complicated, for that my friend must look for a more complete tutorial so that it can make it easier for you to flash again.


Please note, we are not responsible for what you do! Because flashing an Android phone has a high risk, so any damage is a risk that must be borne by yourself.

The final word

How? Pretty easy isn’t it the way to flash the Asus z007 cellphone? Please friends follow the steps above! Make sure you follow it right! To minimize all failures, you should also look for other references. Good luck and good luck! ?

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