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How to Fix Unread SIM Card on Xiaomi, Samsung, and others

Are you having problems with the SIM card that is not detected or not read on your smartphone? if so, maybe this article on how to solve an unreadable SIM card for various HP brands including Xiaomi, Oppo, Sony, Samsung, LG and even this iPhone can help you.

SIM Card become important in the use of electronic devices or commonly called smartphones or cellphones. The SIM Card itself functions as a provider that serves network connections that allow users to send messages (SMS), telephone, surf the internet, and others.

But often users are also faced with problems with SIM cards that cannot be read or cannot be detected on the device. Of course it can be very annoying for users in terms of work or other matters. But don’t worry, if you are currently experiencing problems like this, you can listen to the reviews we provide below to help overcome the SIM Card that is not detected on your cellphone.

Causes of Unreadable SIM Card

Before that, my friend needs to know first some of the reasons why the sim card or sim card cannot be read on the device, here are some possible causes:

1. SIM Card Yellow Chip Damaged

This can happen because the brass or chip in the sim card was exposed to water or scratched, or it was slammed. Brass on the SIM card itself is a very important component that contains data.

2. Components of the SIM Card Connector on the Cellphone Broken

This could be the cause of the unreadable SIM Card. Because if the connector on the cellphone is damaged, the SIM card will not be easily read, the sim card slot is not detected or even not at all in the sense that the SIM Card slot is damaged.

3. Expired SIM Card Period

A SIM card that has expired can cause the sim card to no longer function, which will later be unreadable on the device.

4. System Error On Smartphone

Errors in the system can result in impaired performance on the smartphone.

Actually there are many causes, but more often are as above. Well, this is the way my friend tried to solve the error SIM Card (All Mobile Brands).

How to Overcome an Unreadable SIM Card

Clean SIM Card

how to solve unread sim card

The first way you can try to solve an unreadable SIM card is to clean your SIM card. Whatever the brand of your cellphone, such as Xiaomi, Asus, Oppo, Samsung, Iphone, and others, a dirty SIM card can also cause it to be unreadable on the device. Please, my friend, clean the dust or micro dirt using a soft tool. Try not to use a rough tool, because it can cause scratches and damage to the sim card.

Test Mobile With Another SIM Card

how to solve unread sim card

It could be that your sim card is damaged, here, my friend, please test or insert another SIM card into your cellphone. try to see the results. If you read another SIM card, then the problem is your old SIM card. but if it doesn’t read, maybe this is because your device has a problem or even worse the sim card slot is not detected or damaged.

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Reset Network

how to solve unread sim card

Resetting the network on the device can help solve an unreadable sim card, you know. Why so? This could have happened because the network at the provider had an error. This method can be done by all mobile phone brands such as Xiaomi, Asus, Oppo, Samsung, Iphone, Realme, Redmi, Huawei, and others. How do I reset the network?

Buddy can open the menu settings, then select “Networks & Internet”. If so, here you can choose “Mobile Network” then to “Access Point Names.”. Well, here you just need to reset the network according to the operator network that you are using. You can find the method on Youtube or Google channels, because each operator or provider has a different way of setting.

Mobile System Update

as mentioned above the cause of the sim card is not read due to a system error, so here you can update the system on your smartphone to overcome the bugs that cause errors in the system on the cellphone. how to update device system?

  • First, please buddy go to the menu Settings or you can click the gear icon on the menu on your cellphone.
  • Next scroll down and find options “About Phone”
  • Later there will be notifications or notifications about your system to be updated.
  • Click “Update” or “Updates”

Consultation to Call Center Provider

sim card slot not detected

You can try this method to overcome the SIM Card that cannot be read. It could be that your SIM card is not readable because the active period has expired or is dead as described above. By consulting the call center, you will find out how the network is, and also know the activity of your SIM card. In our opinion, this method is quite effective for my friend to do. Please, friends, try this method if the methods above don’t work.

Take it to a Trusted Service

sim card slot not detected

This method can be an alternative if you are unable to solve the SIM Card that cannot be read. Please my friend can take it to a trusted service service. We recommend that you take it to a service service according to your cellphone brand to make it safer and more successful. Because each component in each type of mobile phone, has a difference.

Factory Reset / Back to Factory Settings

The latter is the most extreme way that we really don’t recommend. You can do this method if all of the above methods (overcoming an unreadable SIM card) don’t get a bright spot.

By returning to factory settings, your cellphone or system on your cellphone will return to the same as it was when you bought it. How to do factory reset?

  • Entered into Settings or you can click the gear icon on your cellphone
  • Scroll down, then tap Additional Settings.
  • Then tap Backup & reset.
  • Then tap Factory reset.
  • Tap reset phone.
  • Finished.

Actually, the way to factory reset is different for each type of cellphone. Asus, Realme, iPhone, Huawei, or Xiaomi phones for example, they have different steps and writing words on different menus. But in general, the factory reset method is the same as the method described above. Please, my friend, try it yourself.

We recommend that you back up your data first to do this last method.

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The final word

Yup, hopefully the way to solve the unreadable sim card above will work to overcome the unreadable SIM card on your device. Please mate, give it a try, okay?

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