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How to Fix Apple Watch Not Connecting to iPhone

How to Fix Apple Watch Not Connecting to iPhone – The Apple Watch is a watch of ultimate sophistication. There are various features provided by this Apple Watch that will make you not only cooler, but also have a lot of functions and uses. Apple Watch actually still comes from the same vendor as the iPhone phone. Namely both made by the giant company, Apple.

Therefore, you can connect this Apple Watch with your iPhone. How to connect between Apple Watch and iPhone is actually not too difficult. Here we will give you step by step what you can do to How to Fix Apple Watch Not Connecting to iPhone. Check out the article reviews below.

How to Fix Apple Watch Not Connecting to iPhone

How to Fix Apple Watch Not Connecting to iPhone
Connect Apple Watch with iPhone

1. The first step you have to do to connect your Apple Watch with your iPhone is to install the Apple Watch default charger in the charging hole available from the Apple Watch.

2. The next step is to turn on the Apple Watch by pressing the power button on the side of the Apple Watch.

3. Wait a few moments until the booting process from the Apple Watch is complete. It usually only takes a few seconds for the Apple Watch to turn on and display the option to select a language.

4. The next step is to open your iPhone and make sure the iPhone has the Apple Watch application installed. If not, you can directly download it from the appstore.

5. After you open the Apple Watch application, you look again at the Apple Watch or the watch and see whether the command data is to connect with the iPhone device or not.

6. If there is a command to connect or connect with an iPhone cell phone, then the next step is to initiate the pairing process by pointing the iPhone camera at the Apple Watch.

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7. If the iPhone and Apple Watch devices are successfully connected and integrated with each other, then the Apple Watch will display an animation in the form of a dotted image. That way the Apple Watch and iPhone are automatically connected and you can use them according to your needs.

8. However, if the dot animation does not appear, it is a sign that the Apple Watch and iPhone cannot or fail to connect. But stay calm. You can reconnect manually.

9. The manual method is by pressing or touching the i menu on the Apple Watch. The unique name of the Apple Watch that you have will appear.

10. Next is that you reopen your iPhone and also open the Apple Watch application that you installed earlier.

11. A device name will appear from the Apple Watch and you click the name then enter the six-digit number for the password.

12. After that a terms box will appear that you must agree to. When you have finished checking the terms box, you create a passcode by entering a unique four-digit number and write it down in the book first so you don’t forget it.

13. You will be asked to choose whether the Apple Watch will be locked by the iPhone or not. So that it doesn’t take long and the process is faster, then you select the yes option.

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14. After that, the iPhone and Apple Watch will sync for more than 10 minutes. Wait until the process is complete and if it is then the iPhone phone with Apple Watch is connected.

So that’s how to connect Apple Watch with iPhone. That is all and thank you.

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