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How to Find IndiHome WiFi Users

Hello IndiHome users, you must be looking for how to find your Indihome WiFi user? Of course this will be a way to monitor who WiFi users are so that there are not too many users so that the IndiHome FUP does not run out quickly.

In addition, knowing who is using the WiFi internet network at home will help make the internet connection more stable because it can be easily blocked, so it doesn’t burden internet quota. For that we will discuss it for you.

How to find out who is using IndiHome WiFi

how to find out IndiHome WiFi users

For fellow IndiHome users, here are some ways to find out who a WiFi user is. For that, you have to see which method is suitable for you to try, because here there are 5 ways that can help to find out IndiHome WiFi users;

  1. Knowing Indihome WiFi Users via CMD
  2. How to Find Out IndiHome WiFi Users If Using a Huawei HG8245G5 Modem
  3. Knowing WiFi Users If Using ZTE Modem
  4. Using the Fing Android Android App
  5. Knowing WiFi Users When Using a TP-Link router

If you already know which method is suitable, you can immediately look into that section;

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Knowing IndiHome WiFi Users Through CMD

The first step you have to know how to open CMD in Windows OS. Here are the steps;

  1. Opening CMD via Run, you can use the keyboard by pressing Key Win + R on your Laptop or PC, then type CMD as shown below

  2. Net View

    After opening CMD, you will see a black box, that’s what is called CMD or it stands for Command Prompt. Then type Net View in CMD (See in the picture)how to see who is using WiFi
    The Net View function is to be able to display users on the internet network who are currently connected to the laptop.

  3. arp -a

    The next step can be typing arp -a in cmd, just like typing Net View. This command will instruct the system to display all internet users on the connected IndiHome internet network.

  4. Check Every IP

    Next, my friend can check every IP that is connected, and block if there is a suspicious IP, the way is to simply follow the command from CMD

Knowing IndiHome WiFi Users With Huawei Modems

Knowing IndiHome WiFi Users With Huawei Modems
Huawei HG8245A Modem Login Page

The next way if you use a Huawei Modem, for the type you can adjust to the existing steps. This step requires you to know your IndiHome IP. As an assumption we use ip

1. First open the IP in the browser, you can use a cellphone or laptop, to open the IP IndiHome the format is The system will direct you to the login page

2. After that log in using the account and password, usually the default account uses Admin and Pass Admin

3. To be more secure, you should change the pass, don’t use the default account. The method;

  • Go to the login IP page
  • Look for a menu named Modify Login Password
  • Then enter the old password in the contact Old Password
  • Fill in New Password and repeat in Confirm Password
  • Click Apply
  • Make sure you have saved the password so you don’t forget it

4. Continuing the goal to find out who is using the IndiHome wifi, then you can follow the steps below
Click Status >> click User Device Information >> see information on User Device Information.

5. In this section, you will be faced with IP data that uses the WiFi network that you have, the visible data include;

  • Host Name : this is the host name of the connected device
  • Device Type: Now this provides Device Type information from devices using WiFi
  • Mac Address: this is the connected user ID
  • Application: A menu that you can choose to manage user WiFi including blocking and deleting unknown users.

Knowing IndiHome WiFi Users With ZTE Modem

Knowing IndiHome WiFi Users With ZTE Modem

Because most IndiHome users use ZTE and Huawei modems, of course we present steps to find out who is using IndiHome WiFi from these two modems. This time for ZTE modem users you can follow every step.

The method is still the same as for Huawei modem users, it’s just that there are a few differences.

1. First, go to the login page with the IP given by the Telkom officer during installation, usually the IP is /

2. Next Login, now the ZTE modem also has the same default account and password
Users : Admin with Password: Admin

Of course we recommend that you change the default password to prevent other people’s pranks. For how, if you have logged in, please use the menu named Administration then enter Old Password and Fill in New Password and Confirmed Password after everything is done click Submit. Don’t forget to write down your new password.

3. The next step is to find out who is using Indihome WiFi, you go to the menu Network then WLAN and Associated Devices

4. You will be taken to a page where you can find out which devices are connected to your network, click Refresh to find out which devices have just been connected.

5. Observe if there are suspicious devices using WiFi, it is best to block them.

For how to block the user’s IP from being able to access the WiFi network on the ZTE modem, you can follow the steps below;

  • To block users, you have to write down / copy the MAC Address of the WiFi user you want to block, you can see it here Associated Devices in the previous step
  • After that click Netwok >> WLAN >> Access Control List >> Then Select Mode >> Block
  • Fill in the MAC Address code of the device you want to block and ADD

Knowing IndiHome WiFi users Using the App

How to Find IndiHome WiFi Users
Screenshot of Fing App from Play Store

The next way is to use the Android application. Of course this method will be easier because we can access it via cellphone. The application that will be used is called Fing which you can download for free on the Google Play Store.

By using this application, you will easily detect who is using the WiFi network and even know what devices are connected to the WiFi network. Of course this will be very important to find out the WiFi thief.

How to use the Fing application is quite easy, make sure you are connected to WiFi and do a scan using the application, follow the steps in it and the application will show it.

Knowing Who's WiFi User for TP-Link Rooter Users

Apart from IndiHome users, this method can also be used for Firstmedia Internet users. What is needed is that you have to use a router from TP-Link because here you are required to use the official application from Tp-Link, the name of the application is Tether. For the method, please download the application first, this application is 100% free without ads.

  • First Friend Install the TP-Link Tether Application
  • Once installed, open the application, make sure you are connected to WiFi, then select My Device, in this section there will be a detected router option. Click on the router and you will be faced with the Tp-Link login screen.
  • Login using your router password, usually the default username is: admin and password admin
  • If you have successfully logged in, there will be a Wireless status display, to see which devices are connected to WiFi, select the menu on the tab ClientsIn this menu, various devices that are already connected to WiFi will be presented
  • In this section, you can directly block unwanted devices easily.

Is It Safe?

how to find out IndiHome WiFi users

If talking safe or not, then we can make sure Of course it’s safe! some of these ways (through the admin dashboard feature) are indeed a separate feature of the Indihome developer. Now for how to use the application, it’s just in addition (THIRD PARTY). But so far using the application is also quite safe and there are no negative obstacles from user reviews. at most the complaints are only some features that don’t work properly, the rest is quite okay.

Note: Some versions of the Indihome modem do not have this feature (to see which users are accessing the wifi). So as an alternative, you can use additional applications that we have recommended. To be honest, using additional applications is easier and faster than having to login first on the admin dashboard.

Also check out the review on how to change the Indihome wifi password for all modems that you can try if you feel your current wifi password is no longer safe!

The final word

That’s the way to find IndiHome WiFi users, this method can also be used for other internet provider users such as Firstmedia or MNC Play. Hopefully these tips are useful for you and can find out internet theft on the network that you have.

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