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How to Find Fund Balance and Transfer To Account

How to Find Fund Balance and Transfer To Account – Dana is a digital money application that is one of the most widely used in Indonesia. This application makes it easy for everyone to make online payment transactions. That way, all transactions made are just one click away without the hassle of doing this and that which takes a long time.

This application has also collaborated with various parties such as bluebird taxi services and several other companies. For those of you who are using the fund application for the first time, of course you will be confused to find a How to Find Fund Balance and Transfer To Account? Therefore, we will discuss this in the article below.

Steps to Find Fund Balance and Transfer To Account

1. The first step you have to do is open the fund application that has been installed on the android phone that you have.

2. On the page of the fund application, select it and click the withdraw balance menu.

3. Then you select the balance transfer option to a bank account.

4. The next step is to enter the nominal amount you want to transfer to your destination bank account.

5. After you transfer the amount of money, next you enter the name of the recipient, the name of the bank used by the recipient and also the account number of the destination bank.

6. If you have filled everything in and you have made sure all the data you have entered is correct, then the next step is for you to click the balance pull menu.

7. A confirmation page will appear from the fund application. You check and observe once again to make sure all the data is correct and there is not a single error. Then you click withdraw balance once again.

8. The next step is for you to enter the pin from the application that you have, which is a six-digit number.

9. After the pin is entered, the funds application will process the transfer of the balance to the destination account. Wait a few moments until the transfer process is successful.

10. If the process in the application of the funds has been completed, then automatically and immediately the amount of the balance will be entered into the account number of the destination and you can immediately withdraw the money.

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About Dana Application Features

The Dana application can not only be used to transfer balances to a bank account, you can also use it to make transfers to similar digital wallet applications such as ovo and so on. As for the minimum transfer limit from the application of funds for all purposes is 50 thousand rupiah.

When you transfer your balance from the funds application to a bank account number such as BCA, BNI, Mandiri and so on, you are required to pay a transfer fee of 4,500 rupiah. So when you transfer to a bank account, the total payment of all transfer fees such as 50 thousand rupiah is 54,500 rupiah. Likewise with its multiples. For example, if you transfer 100 thousand rupiah, then the total cost is 104,500 rupiah and so on. The point is there is an additional fee of 4,500 rupiah.

Transferring balances from the funds application to any bank account is very easy and simple. Everyone can do the ways that we present above. The thing you need to pay attention to when transferring the funds application balance to a bank account is to make sure the available balance in the funds application is sufficient for transfers and at least has a balance of 60 thousand rupiah.

So that’s a complete review on how to withdraw funds balance and transfer to a bank account. That is all and thank you.

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