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How to Easily View Mobile Legends Servers For Beginners

Each account in the Mobile legends game must have its own server id number. If you still don’t understand the function of the server id, surely you are a new player. Because of the many functions you should know first cfig see mobile legends server which will be discussed below.

By knowing your account server id number, you can easily find your account and you can use it to top up diamonds. The diamond top up will be done by the party that provides the diamond mobile legends. In addition to its function to top up diamonds by knowing the ML server number, you can also send diamonds to your friend’s account.

What you already know is that the mobile legends game is currently booming among gamers. This game is also suitable if you play together with your friends and relatives. By knowing how to view mobile legends servers, it will be very helpful for you when looking for your friend’s account. Then you can easily follow your friend’s account and start the game together.

How to View Mobile Server Llegends With your ID

how to see mobile legends server

For those of you who don’t know how to see the mobile legends server. Don’t worry because here we will discuss how to easily see the number. No need to wait long, listen and apply the following steps. So that you can play together with your friends. Here’s the review!

1. Open the mobile legends game on your cellphone

The first thing you need to do is open the mobile legends game application on your cellphone. Before opening it, you should make sure you already have an account in the game. When the application is opened, a loading screen will usually appear. Then you wait until the loading screen is complete.

After waiting, you finally managed to open the mobile legendss home page or the mobile legends home page on your cellphone. On the homepage, you will definitely see several menu options, match settings and other features.

2. Open your mobile legends account profile

After successfully opening the mobile legends application and now you open the homepage. The next step is that you open your mobile legends account profile menu. The trick is to click on your profile photo which is usually in the upper left corner of your cellphone screen. You make sure the one you choose fits on your profile picture.

3. See your mobile legends account server number

On the profile menu that you successfully opened, you will see various complete data about the mobile legends account that you have. You can see your profile, the results of the matches you do, your collection album, to the account settings you have. Each menu option that is displayed is the content of your profile data. Including all the track records of the matches you play as long as you have a mobile legends account.

After successfully entering the profile page you will find your mobile legends account server number. The server number is usually under the settings options. There you will see a series of numbers, now that’s your account server number. The above is how to see your mobile legends server. If you want to know your account server number, then immediately follow the steps above. So that you can add friends when playing with friends.

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