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How to Easily Know Who Viewed Instagram Profile

Have you ever thought about who often sees your Instagram account, usually the one who often points to our account is called a stalker. If you want to know who often views our account, there is a way to find out. In fact, the method is very easy!

Sometimes we feel proud to have quite a lot of Instagram followers. But you also have to be careful that someone you don’t know is stalking your IG account. Caution is needed, because they usually have bad intentions.

Can we find out who often views our Instagram profile?

Instagram social media does not have such a feature, but we can use third-party applications to find out. On the Google Playstore, there are many third-party applications that offer the function of being able to see stalkers on IG. In addition to the application there are also several websites that offer the same thing. For that you can follow one of the ways that we will discuss below.

First Using JNCK MEDIA Website Services

Check Stalker Instagram on the JNCK Media website
Check Stalker Instagram on the JNCK Media website

Before we use the application to see stalkers on Instagram. The first way is to use the website service at jnckmedia.com. For information, this website not only has a feature to be able to find out who viewed our IG profile. There are many features related to social media such as Free follow and Like IG, and tools to be able to download other people’s video stories. The good thing is, this website doesn’t require us to log in to Instagram on the services they have.

To be able to find out who viewed our Instagram profile, here’s the complete way:

  1. First, visit the https://jnckmedia.com/igstalk website which will take you directly to the IG Stalker feature.
  2. Inside there is a form to enter your Instagram username. (Make sure the Instagram account is not private, because the tools cannot check if the account is private)
  3. Next checklist I’m not a robot which ensures that you are not a robot that will spam
  4. Finally, click submit and see who often visits your Instagram profile.

Using the JNCK Media website is fairly easy, besides that you don’t need to log into your Instagram account so you can be sure it’s safe.

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Viewing IG Stalkers Using Apps

If the above method doesn’t work, you can use the next method, which is to use an application to view IG stalkers. There are many apps that offer this kind of feature. But here we will provide some apps that you can try. Let’s see below:

  1. Followers Insight for Instagram

First you can use an application called Follower Insight For Instagram, this application offers various features, not only knowing who often views our IG profile, but also knowing who has just unfollowed, even blocking our IG account. There is even a feature that offers notifications who have blocked your IG account.

You can try this application by downloading it for free on the PlayStore. But make sure you’ve seen the star rating they have, we’re a little hesitant because this application only gets 2.3 stars out of a total download of approximately 10 million people. But there’s no harm in trying if this application is free.

Download Followers Insight for Instagram

2. Follower Analyzer for Instagram

The next application is Follower Analyzer for Instagram. This app also offers an easy way to find out who often views Instagram accounts. How to use it is fairly easy, just download the application and register in it. This app will automatically analyze the Instagram profile that you have, be it followers or those you follow. Its main feature is that this app will help you track who views your Instagram profile the most. To try it, please download it for free at the link we provide.

Download Follower Analyzer for Instagram

3. Who Viewed My IG Insta Profile APK

This next and last application will help you find out which stalker is stalking your Instagram account. But unfortunately this application is only available in APK Pure, because it is not on the Google PlayStore. So we don’t know the level of security.

Based on the APK Pure page, this app gets a pretty good star rating. For those of you who want to try it, we include the link below.

Download Who Viewed My IG Insta Profile APK

As a note

What you need to know, Instagram does not have a feature that can find out who often views our Instagram account. In addition, at the end of last year, precisely in October, Instagram removed the following tab so that it became difficult for IG users to stalk other people.

What should be noted, please always be careful if a third-party application asks you to log in to your Instagram account through their service. Make sure your account has enabled two-step authentication to keep your Instagram account secure.

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