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How to Easily Download Indonesian Subtitles for Movies and Dramas!

How to Download Indonesian Subtitles – If one of you doesn’t understand what a subtitle is, first of all, the definition will be explained. Subtitle is a file that contains translation in written or text form, which is used when watching movies or videos in a foreign language or in a non-universal language.

In Indonesia itself, there are already many Indonesian subtitles which is very helpful for lovers of foreign films or dramas such as Korean dramas. For some people, this subtitle is provided with the aim that film lovers can understand what the characters in the film are talking about, so that the message conveyed by the film can be well received by the audience.

Now for film lovers who are confused about the storyline because they are constrained by not understanding the language, here we will discuss how to easily download Indonesian subtitles. Read on!

Subtitle File Type

types of subtitle files

Before knowing how to download Indonesian subtitles for movies, you should first identify the types of subtitle files. Why is that? because the subtitle file format must be adjusted to the application used so that the subtitle file can appear on the film when it is played.

The subtitle itself consists of two forms, namely the subtitle which is intentionally made for some groups, this subtitle can only be turned on or off and can also be chosen by the audience. There is also an open subtitle, which is open to all, which cannot be removed or turned off by the audience.

While the subtitles that are widely circulated today consist of three parts, in which the subtitles are tied to open subtitles and closed subtitles. Between the two, there is access to get free download Indonesian subtitles.

Following Three Types of Subtitle Parts

  1. Hardsub

The first is hardsub, hardsub is the subtitle part of opera subtitle. Because this subtitle has a hardsub name, this subtitle cannot be changed anymore because it has been incorporated in the original video file. On hardsub there are very complex transition effects, some additional animations such as karaoke song text where they use colored letters accompanied by some animations.

2. Softsub

Softsub is part of close subtitle. On softsub subtitles are in a different file from the video file or it can also be said to be separate. This software is very useful for those who like to download movies from outside for free on the internet. Software type subtitles have subtitle storage formats in the form of .sun, . srt, .ass and many other types of subtitle formats.

3. Parented subtitles

Parentred type subtitles are close subtitle types. This subtitle is separate from the video frame. This type of subtitle can also be displayed or removed and even edited for a video. Various languages, such as Indonesian subtitles often used to make DVDs and blu-rays using close subtitles

Where to Download Indonesian Subtitles

a place or site to download Indonesian subtitles

Where to download subtitles, you can use the following places to download: Indonesian subtitles for movies and other videos:


Subscene is a very famous site because this site provides language subtitles from various countries such as films from Korea, India, Thailand, Japan, China, and several other famous countries. Usually subtitles for movies or dramas are very easy to find on this website.

To be able to find out if Subscene has subtitles from the movie or drama you are going to watch, you can enter the desired movie keywords and then download them according to the available language.


Subdl is almost the same as Subscene. Subdl offers subtitles in various languages. It’s also quite complete, Subdl has various kinds of subtitles for movie titles or dramas. To download subtitles on Subdl you only need to enter the title of the movie in the search field that is already available.

How to download Indonesian subtitles With IDFL

IDFL, which stands for Indonesia data and file library, is a forum that provides various topics of discussion. This forum is quite unique in that they have commodities that are very diligent in changing Indonesian subtitles from various kinds of films and dramas that are popular in Indonesia and even in the world.

Some well-known subtitle makers from this forum are Handsome Bees and also Pein Akatsuki. To download the subtitles, you can go to the subtitle library if you want to download the movie subtitles you want. How to download Indonesian subtitles here is very easy, my friend just looks for it, then clicks download.

How to Download Indonesian Subtitles in Subscene

how to download Indonesian subtitles in a few steps

In order to enjoy the desired movies and dramas, it can be done by downloading subtitles at Subscene.com. Now Subsence.com usually displays subtitles in the form of a srt subtitle file. Files with this srt format can be opened on your HP PC or digital TV.

1. Open Subscene

The first step you need to do is open the Subscene.com web by typing subscene.com in the search field on your search engine.

subscene.com can be accessed through a PC or also using a cellphone. Previously, make sure you are connected to the internet so that you can easily download subtitles on Subscene.com.

2. Enter the subtitle title you are looking for

After you open the subscine.com website, the next step is to enter the title of the film or drama to find the subtitles on the search input form that is available on the Subscene.com website.

Then click subtitle search to start the search. After that will appear search results that you have you can click the desired film in the line ‘exact’.

3. Select subtitles

After you click on the exact title of the film, subtitles from various languages ​​will appear. You can adjust the options according to your needs, if you want Indonesian subtitles, you can search for Indonesian with the alphabetical order of the letter ‘I’ to make it easier to find subtitles.

On this page there will be various kinds of subtitles, you can choose one of them to be used as a subtitle for the movie you are going to watch. Here I will recommend some subtitle makers who are very well known and whose subtitles are known to be very neat, namely the prince, Pein Akatsuki, and the handsome bee. When the subtitle maker usually manually translates a film or drama.

4. Download

In choosing which subtitle you will use, the next step is to click to download Indonesian subtitle on the button that has a green color. Then you can wait for a while until the subtitle download is complete. How to download subtitles is complete and can be used to translate movies or dramas that you will watch.

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How to Insert Srt Subtitles into Movies

In addition to knowing how to download Indonesian subtitles, you also need to know how to insert srt subtitles into movies. Now, to be able to use movie subtitles with the srt file type, you first need to extract the file so that the file can be read and integrated with the movie while the movie is playing. The step you need to do to extract the file so that the file can be read, namely by uniting the subtitle file and movie file in one folder.

Then you can right click on the part of the srt file that is still in the zip form and select ‘extract here‘ and wait a moment. After the file is successfully extracted, to be able to enter the movie, you can change the file name to be the same as the movie file name. So after that when the film is opened, the film immediately has subtitles.

The final word

That’s if the explanation of how to download Indonesian subtitles for movies and dramas. How? How to download Indonesian subtitles is very easy and there are many, right? now you don’t have to worry about being confused about the storyline of a film or drama because you already know the Indonesian subtitles.

Good luck and I hope this article is useful!

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