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How to Easily Display Lyrics on Spotify Auto Sing Together

Friend of music fans and like the songs on Spotify? Do you want to sing but don’t know the lyrics? Relax, my friend can follow how to display lyrics on Spotify easily.

As we all know, there are currently a lot of streaming music services, ranging from music that is not well known, to music or songs that are booming and famous.

There are many music service platforms, such as SoundCloud, Joox, Spotify, and many others. With the presence of the music or song streaming service platform, it allows people to listen and access their favorite songs comfortably.

Now the songs on Spotify can be said to be very complete, this is what makes Spotify a favorite music service platform for people, especially young people who like to listen to music. Now it feels like when we sing songs that we like or favorite, we will feel the burden of thought or stress disappears.

How to Display Lyrics on Spotify?

  • First, please, my friend, open the Spotify application, my friend. If you haven’t updated it, please update it first!
How to Show Lyrics on Spotify
  • If you have, you can open Spotify and later you will go to the Spotify home page. Here you can see, there is a menu or search bar. Now the function of these search tools is that you can search for artists, songs, genres, and so on.
How to Show Lyrics on Spotify
  • Well, please, my friend, choose or search for the song or artist that you want to play and sing.
  • After that, you can click or select the song.
  • Now automatically the song or music that you choose will play automatically.
How to Show Lyrics on Spotify
  • Yup, to see the lyrics for the song itself, you can scroll down or scroll down!
How to Show Lyrics on Spotify
  • And my friend will see the lyrics of the song which will go hand in hand with the music being played.
  • To full screen the lyrics, my friend, please click on the lyrics bar!
How to Show Lyrics on Spotify
  • Tara~ lyrics will appear and happy singing!

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The final word

The above is an easy way to display the lyrics of your favorite songs on Spotify. But you need to note, to be able to enjoy the lyrics feature, you are required to upgrade to the paid or premium version first!

If you use premium mode, you will get a lot of advantages, one of which is displaying lyrics. Okay, good luck and have fun!

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