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How to Easily Create a WiFi QR Code Password

Usually to enter a WiFi network we have to type a password on a smartphone, PC and other devices, this can be very inconvenient especially if the WiFi password created is complicated to type or even remember.

For that, we will share a way to share WiFi passwords using QR so that your life becomes easier! Now this method is perfect if you really intend to share a WiFi connection at home or at a place of business.

How to Set WiFi Password with QR Code

Don’t be afraid to face the hassle when you want to create a QR Code for a WiFi password, because the method we are going to share is quite fast and easy. And make sure you print it so that it can be stored in an easily accessible place when you want to connect to a WiFi network.

To create a QR for WiFi password, we used a website service, this time we used qifi.org, so visit the site and do each step as we describe below.

Note: If you have opened the qifi page, you will be asked to enter the SSID and Key, to get SSDI details, you can see it on the bottom or back of the router you are using, or you should contact the service provider that you are using, for example IndiHome, Firstmedia, or even other services.

QR Code Password WiFi
Screenshot from the qifi.org service

What is qifi.org Service?

Qifi.org is a website service that makes it easy for us to create a QR Code for WiFi passwords so that users don’t need to type in a password to enter the network/

Qifi makes it all easy, so you don’t need to type a password to enter a WiFi network. On its website qifi says it is safe to use because the stored data is never sent to the server.

How to Create a QR Code WiFi Password

Make sure you already know the SSID to enter into the form on the qifi web service, the SSID is the name of the WiFi that you made, if you don’t make it, you should ask the person who made the WiFi at home, or you can contact the internet provider that you use.

At the bottom is a drop-down menu that includes a choice of “WEP,” “WPA/WPA2,” or None. Just choose the default WPA/WPA2.

Then, my friend, fill in the key, this section is the wifi password that you made, don’t get it wrong because if the wrong user can’t enter the WiFi network that you created.

After everything is filled in, click Generet! and the result is that you have successfully created a WiFi QR Code password easily, and saved it for you to print.

You can save it to your computer, export it, or print it. Put it somewhere that can be easily accessed by people you trust, but out of sight of anyone you don’t want to access the Wi-Fi network.

How to Scan WiFi QR Password on Various Cellphones

This WiFi password QR Code can be accessed with Android and iOS devices by using a cellphone camera. But if the phone you are using turns out to be incompatible or not yet compatible, you can use a third-party QR scanner application, one of which can use an application called NeoRaeder or Barcode Scanner which can be downloaded for Android and iOS.

This QR Code scan application can be used for OPPO, Xiaomi, Samsung, POCO, Asus, Nokia and various other types including Vivo.

The method is quite easy, just install the QR code scanner application then use it to scan the QR Code that you have created.

The final word

How easy isn’t it to make this WiFi password QR Code? How to print a QR Code is usually done for businesses such as restaurants or cafes, so visitors don’t have to bother asking for the WiFi password, just paste it in a strategic place such as near payments or other places.

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