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How to Easily Create Hotspot on Windows 10 Laptop

In today’s era, the internet is needed in any case. The internet seems to be a mandatory thing in our lives, whether it’s for work, for teaching and learning activities, for communicating, and all kinds of things. Well, in this case, an internet connection is very necessary for us to be able to access the things we need. Usually we use an internet connection from Wifi or Internet Data on a cellphone or what we often call “Hot spot”.

Hotspot itself is a feature that allows internet connections to be shared like a Wifi connection via cellphone to cellphone or cellphone to PC. But, if one day our cellphone / smartphone needs an internet connection but there is no wifi and it happens that only our PC / Laptop has an internet connection, how?

Don’t worry, we will give you the answer to that question, namely How to Activate Hotspot Via Windows 10 PC or Laptop like a Hotspot from a cell phone. Without further ado, let’s talk about:

How to Activate Windows 10 Hotspot

Previously, make sure your Windows is already Windows 10, don’t forget to update or update to the latest version, besides that you should backup important data just in case anything unwanted happens.

  • First, my friend open the menu “Settings” in Windows 10, by pressing the Start button and selecting the Gear icon or by pressing Windows + I keys on the keyboard simultaneously or can also search in the column Search with keywords Settings.
how to make a hotspot on a windows 10 laptop
  • After entering the Settings menu, my friend selects the option “Network & Internet”, then select “Mobile Hotspot
how to make a hotspot on windows 10
  • Then select the internet connection that will be shared later on the menu “Share my Internet connection from”
how to activate mobile hotspot on windows 10
  • Then after that click “Edit” to edit the SSID name / username and password that you will use, and click Save to save as a fixed setting.
windows 10 hotspot
  • Last Tap Slide to “On” on the On-Off slider button located at the top of the Mobile Hotspot settings menu to activate Hotspot. The On-Off slider is used to enable or disable the hotspot that you will use.
how to enable hotspot on windows 10 laptop
how to enable hotspot on windows 10 laptop

Well above that is an explanation of how How to Enable Hotspot Via Windows 10 PC through the features that have been provided in Windows 10. The method is very easy, isn’t it?

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Hotspot windows 10 Using Apps

In addition to that method, we also have another method if the method above cannot be used, namely by using a third party or application called Baidu WiFi Hotspot. Immediately, how to create a hotspot in Windows 10 using additional applications:

  • First, download Baidu WiFi Hotspot on the link or click the blue text. Later my friend will enter a page like the one below
how to activate mobile hotspot windows 10
  • If so, click the download button in the upper right corner of the web and then Install!
  • After it is installed, open it and run it then click the button Get Free WiFi to activate the hotspot as shown below.
how to make a hotspot on pc windows 10
  • Then click the Wifi column to change the SSID / username and password. Fill in what you want. Later, you can change your username and password and tinker with it as you please.
Windows 10 hotspot settings
  • And it works, my friend has activated my Hotspot on your PC / Laptop.

The two methods above are very easy, right? Besides being easy, the method above is also very simple! Especially with the application, with just one click your Hotspot will instantly turn on.

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The final word

Maybe that’s the way we can give you to help my friend how to activate hotspot mobile on Windows 10. If you have another way, let us know in the comments column below, OK! Thank you and good luck!

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