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How to Easily Create a Free Online CV in Canva

Nowadays, there are many website and application services that offer the ability to create graphic designs and CVs online for free in a short time.

Even now everyone can make simple designs and even create logos very easily from this service. One of them is using Canva.

Canva is a graphic design application that accommodates design needs both for social media and other creative materials online, even ordinary people who do not understand design will find it very easy to use.

Maybe most people who struggle with the world of graphic design every day or even ordinary people certainly know a little or a lot about the Canva application.

This very complex design application is able to help everyone make it possible to design well and nicely, you know! Because this application is very complete, you just need to add a little creativity, buddy!

With its complete tools and features, this application is increasingly popular until now even though it is often debated by designers because it is a strong competition.

Now with the Canva application, it allows you to create such as Banners, Pamphlets, Banners, Logos, Instagram Posts, Instagram Stories, even CVs (Curiculum Vitae), and many others. Very cool and complete right?

If you want to easily create an attractive free online CV (Curiculum Vitae), you can use Canva to create one.

Because in Canva there are various CV places that are ready for you to use. You only need to add some creations and enter your personal data.

In addition, my friend can also use various colors, fonts, lines, and shapes (shapes). Without further ado, here’s how to easily create a CV in Canva.

How to Create a Free Online CV in Canva

  • First, please open the Canva application. If you don’t have it yet, please download and install it first, yes via Play Store on Android, and the Apps Store on iOS. Don’t worry, it’s free to download!
How to Create a Free Online CV in Canva
  • If you have, you can see there is a search field at the top. Now here, my friend, just enter the keyword “CV”, then click the magnifying glass icon on your keyboard to start looking for templates.
Create a Free Online CV
  • Now, there will be thousands of templates that you can choose from. Here the colors and models vary, you can scroll down to find the right one.
How to Create a Free Online CV in Canva
How to Create a Free Online CV in Canva
  • If you have found a suitable template, you can click on the template and also click the “Edits” to start editing the CV.
How to Create a Free Online CV in Canva
  • Yup, you just have to change the personal data that is already in the template with your personal data, as well as the photo, you can replace it with your photo.
How to Create a Free Online CV in Canva
  • If you are not satisfied and want to add, you just have to select the tools at the bottom, for example text to add, or image to add a photo, Add videos, stickers, illustration, and other kinds.
  • If you are also not satisfied with the color of the template, you can also change it, by clicking on which side you want to change the color, and just choose what color you want to replace.
  • If you have finished editing your CV, you can save it as an image or image by selecting the icon Save with a down arrow.
  • Or also my friend if you want to save in another format or want to share it with friends platform Otherwise, my friend just select the hot sign icon up in the upper right corner.
How to Create a Free Online CV in Canva

It should be underlined, Canva itself has features Premium Mode or paid. If you use the premium or paid mode, you will be able to use all the templates or other features without exception.

But if you use Free Mode or free, you can only use some features or not all features such as templates and others can be enjoyed.

But don’t worry, even though it’s free, the templates and features offered are still good and good!

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The final word

How? Isn’t it very easy to create a CV in Canva? Please, my friend, follow the steps. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can ask them in the comments column below!

Keep trying and good luck! 😊

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