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How to easily change the appearance of android to iphone

Who of you doesn’t know Iphone? This mobile phone product belonging to the Apple company is one of the most sophisticated cellphones currently available. iPhone has a slick Processor, its own OS (Operating System) namely iOS which is capable, a clear camera like a DSLR, a large enough memory, and most importantly a beautiful and elegant design which makes this cellphone the most prestigious cellphone in the world. Many of the artists or public figures use this Apple product, whether it’s local artists or international artists.

Seeing like that, who is not interested and drooling with the Iphone? But unfortunately, the selling price of the iPhone is relatively expensive and does not follow the market price like Android phones. It’s a shame if we buy an iPhone with an expensive budget, while we can buy an Android phone with much higher specs at the same price.

But if you want to feel the sensation of owning an iPhone or to try it out or also want to be stylish, we have a way to change the look of your android into an iPhone look! Remember, it’s only the display, not the system, but this can show how the iPhone UI on Android is completely, even though there are still shortcomings. Okay, without further ado, let’s just talk about it

How to change Android Display to iPhone

  • First, open the Play Store on your cellphone, click the search bar or search then enter keywords or keywords iPhone Launcher. Well there are many choices, but we recommend downloading an application called “Phone 11 Launcher, OS 13 iLauncher, Control Center” or if you have trouble, you can click here .
how to change the look of android to iphone
  • If you have, download and wait until the installation or installation process is complete and open the app.
  • Next, my friend will enter a page like the one below, my friend can choose which image you want to use as wallpaper by swiping or sliding to the left to select the image. If it fits, just click the button “Get Started”
how to change android display to iphone full
  • Later this application will ask for access permission, my friend can directly click Allow
completely change the look of android to iphone
  • Then click the button “Ok, Enable Now” for advanced settings about permissions.
how to change android display to iphone
  • If you have, my friend will enter a view like this. Buddy can choose the theme provided two themes. To choose a friend you can swipe to the left. Then if it matches, click “Get Started” and also check the text Fullscreen (hide navigation bar)
how to change the look of android to iphone 5 completely
  • And you have managed to change the look of your android phone to an iPhone!
how to change android to iphone completely
how to change android display to iphone
This is an example of an Android display that has been changed to look like an iPhone display

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Very cool huh? Here I use the Realme 5i cellphone as an example to apply the iPhone display and the results are slick. However, there are some obstacles, such as not changing some or some application icons.

Well, the method above is very easy, isn’t it? However, if you want to use another application to change the appearance of Android into an iPhone, you can search for similar applications on the Play Store with the keyword iPhone Launcher. Later there will be many application options as below. But we highly recommend the application that has been discussed above, apart from being easy, it is also a complete and lightweight application.

Change the look of Android to iPhone

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The final word

Maybe it’s an easy way to change the appearance of an Android cellphone to an iPhone display, but if you have another way or want to recommend another application, let us all know by writing a comment in the comments column below! Thank you and good luck! ?

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