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How to Download Youtube Videos on Laptop or Mobile Using or Without Applications

How to Download Youtube Videos on Laptop or Mobile Using or Without Applications – Hello Friends AndroidPhone! How is your day today? As we already know, Youtube is currently the largest streaming service in the world with its growing users and of course it can be accessed for free, even though Youtube has now launched premium or paid services with guaranteed no ads and other premium content.

Unfortunately Youtube does not provide a feature for downloading videos, this aims to provide security from video theft on their service. So we can’t download YouTube officially. But that doesn’t mean we can’t download YouTube videos, because there are lots of third-party services that provide the ability to easily download YouTube videos. For that we will review several ways to download YouTube videos using or without the application.

How to download youtube videos without an application

First, if you want to download Youtube via your PC or laptop, you can do it easily, because there are many ways to be able to download videos on Youtube. Here is a list of websites that will make it easier for you to get the video you want.

1. savefrom.net

Download Youtube on PC from savefrom.net

First, using a website service with the address savefrom.net, this service you can use for free will certainly make it easier for you to download Youtube. For a very easy way:

  • First, open the savefrom website
  • You will be shown the website with a search box at the top, this box is a place to enter the url of the youtube video that you want to download
  • Previously, copy the Youtube video URL and paste it in the Savefrom search box, then click download
  • At the bottom will be presented a complete video display with a download button, you can choose the quality of the video before downloading it.

2. vidpaw.com

Download Youtube on Laptop
vidpaw.com page to download Youtube videos

The website service for downloading Youtube is then located at vidpaw.com. Uniquely, this website can not only download Youtube videos, but you can download Instagram videos and various other streaming services. For how to download youtube using the Vidpaw service, please see below.

  • Go to the website vidpaw.com/video-downloader-online/
  • You will be shown a page that also shows a search box.
  • Copy the Youtube Video URL and paste it in the search box in vidpaw
  • Wait until the video download button appears at the bottom

3. Tubeninja.net

Download Youtube on PC with tubeninja

Then you can use the youtube video download service on the tubeninja.net website. This application has the same services and methods as the two web pages we mentioned earlier.

  • First, it’s not the Tubeninja.net website
  • Just like the youtube download website, this page also presents a display with a special form to put the video url
  • Copy and paste the url in that section and click download
  • At the bottom there will be a thumbnail of the video you want to download, click the download button on the side, you can also download it in MP3 format.

Those are 3 ways to download youtube via a laptop or PC without using additional applications or software, this method can also be done using a cellphone, because the three websites can be opened via a smartphone browser, either Android or iOS.

How to Download Youtube with Apps

If you want to download Youtube videos using your cellphone, you can use countless applications because there are already many applications that offer video download services on Youtube. For that we will recommend several applications that you can use.

1. Videoder

Download Youtube using videoder

Videoder, an application that offers a feature to be able to easily download youtube. Unfortunately the videoder apk is not available on the Google Play Store, so you have to download it on the official page at videoder.com. Here’s how to download youtube using the Videoder app.

  • First download Videoder APK through the official website then install it. Don’t forget to activate Unknown Sources to be able to install the application, how to go to Settings -> Security -> Unknown Sources
  • After that open the application, once open at the top there is a search bar. You can search for videos within the app or paste the URL of the video and click the download icon.
  • Next you will be taken to a page to download the video, scroll down to see the quality of the video you want to download.

2. ArkTube YouTube Downloader

Furthermore, you can download Youtube using the ArkTube Youtube Downloader application. The app can let you download videos with high resolution, but you can’t get this app on Play Store, you can download it via the link the following . How to use it can be seen below.

  • First download and Install ArkTube (Don’t forget to enable activate Unknown Source)
  • Then open the application, see the instructions in the application
  • To Download Youtube Videos, you just need to open the Yotube application and search for the video you want to download.
  • Then click the search sign and select download, later a pop-up will appear with the choice of video quality you want to get.

3. TubeMate YouTube Downloader

Download Youtube Using Tubemate

The 3rd recommended application is TubeMate, you can download this application through the official page on tubemate.net. Just like the previous two applications, this application cannot be found in the Play Store. The method is almost the same as the previous application, you only need to install and open the TubeMate application, then you can directly search for the video you want to download in the application.

And that’s 3 ways to download youtube on mobile using an application! Of course this method requires us to install an apk that is not in the Playstore which is not recommended for the security of your device.

Actually there are still many Youtube tricks that you can know, previously we have published how to easily download songs from Youtube. In that article we provide information on how to convert video to MP3, so you can read about it on that page.

The final word

Hopefully, the way to download Youtube via laptop / PC and cellphone that we provide is able to provide information that can solve your problem in finding videos. Hopefully this information can be useful for readers. You can also contribute by providing tips and suggestions through the comments page that we provide.

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