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How to Download SlidePlayer Without Login Easily!

Do you want to download ppt, word, or pdf files for college assignments on SlidePlayer? In this discussion, we will review how to download files in SlidePlayer without having to login or create an account first.

If you have a need to download PPT, Word and PDF files of course you will look for them on the Internet or in specialized services such as Academia, Slideshare and other site services including SlidePlayer.

So if you are not familiar with SlidePlayer, we will review it for you, including how to download files in it without having to login or register.

What is SlidePlayer?

How to Download SlidePlayer

SlidePlayer is a site or platform in which it provides thousands and various kinds of material that is shared by other users in PPT form.

This application is very popular not only in Indonesia, but even abroad, so it provides some material in several languages. So my friend can search for material in English though.

Now on this site service, you can find millions of users spread all over the world, the users also vary, ranging from students, teachers, lecturers, and so on. In addition, this ppt slide provider site has a collection of millions of presentation files that are ready for you to use as a reference for studying or writing a thesis.

This platform is a mainstay for students who want to know more about the material they want to learn if the material they get from school or university is still lacking.

To join other users, you must first register by creating an account, then if you already have an account, then later on you can share material files with others, you can also freely download the scattered material files.

How How to Download SlidePlayer Without Login?

How to Download SlidePlayer

But if you are lazy to register and login to just download some files, there is a way that will help you to do it.

In order to be successful, my friend can follow the steps that we will provide below exactly yes!

  • First, please open your browser first, it’s up to you if you want to use the Chrome browser, or Mozilla, or Opera Mini.
  • Buddy can type the keyword material you want to download in the search menu. For example, my friend wants to find out about philosophy, just write something like the example of “Existentialism Philosophy”.
  • Well, if you have found it, my friend, please click the download button. Well later my friend will be directed to login or create an account first.
  • Now if you have entered the Simply Debrid page, you can see a box that says “Enter Your HTTP Link Here”. So, friends, please paste the slideplayer material link here!
  • After that wait for the process Generate Link a few seconds, and later a button will appear “Downloads”
  • Please download the material without having to login or create an account first!

Now this method applies to both your computer and your Android or iOS cellphone, so you don’t have to worry about it not working.

The final word

How? It’s easy enough, isn’t it, how to download SlidePlayer without logging in on your cellphone or on a computer? Please, my friend, follow the steps! Good luck! 😊

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