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How to Download Campus Accreditation to Register as a Civil Servant

Knowing how to download campus accreditation is important, especially for those of you who want to register as a civil servant (PNS). The reason is, one of the requirements that must be met is to include a certificate of accreditation from the campus where you studied first.

As we all know, being a civil servant is a common dream of the Indonesian people. Usually after college, they flock to register themselves to take the CPNS exam. You may be one of them.

To get a campus accreditation certificate is not difficult. You only need to visit the college first, because usually the campus provides a copy of the accreditation. Once you ask, they will give it. Of course, there are terms and conditions that you must meet to get it.

What is Campus Accreditation?

How to Download Campus Accreditation

Please note that campus accreditation is an assessment of an institution or quality standard set by an independent campus or external institution. So, this accreditation is a comprehensive assessment or evaluation process, as a form of a university’s commitment to capacity and quality in the implementation of the Tridharma of Higher Education.

From the explanation above, it can be seen that accreditation is a determining basis for assessing the feasibility of an educational unit or program. Later, the accreditation will be carried out by a team of assessors who are experts in the field of higher education management, where the full costs for these activities are borne by the government.

Campus Accreditation Party

Currently, the granting of accreditation can only be done by BAN-PT (National Accreditation Board for Higher Education). This institution is the only one that has the authority from the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education to provide accreditation to all campuses or universities in the country, both public and private in Indonesia.

BAN-PT has been established since 1994 and has the authority to introduce and disseminate a new paradigm in higher education management procedures, as well as how to improve the quality of higher education and how to manage institutions efficiently and sustainably. The legal basis used by BAN-PT to exercise its authority refers to Law no. 12 of 2012 Higher Education Permendikbud no. 59 of 2012 relating to the National Accreditation Board.

College Accreditation Benefits

To Get Project

It should be noted that universities obtaining A accreditation can apply to get projects for their institutions with a value that can even reach billions of rupiah. The value that can be obtained is even far different from the project value that can be obtained by universities with B or C accreditation.

Accreditation as a New Student Attractiveness

The existence of an accreditation value owned by a campus or college is an attraction for prospective students. This is a fact that cannot be denied. Generally, students will only choose campuses that have high accreditation. Usually prospective students will check this first.

It’s no wonder that campuses that get A accreditation have more enthusiasts than those accredited B or C. No wonder the campuses are competing to improve the quality and quality of their educational institutions in order to get A accreditation. Thus, it is hoped that many students will register on campus the. If the campus has many students, of course the development of the campus will be faster.

Facilitate Graduates in the World of Work

The benefits of campus accreditation can also be felt by alumni or college graduates. Especially if the alumni want to register as Civil Servants (PNS) or just want to work in private institutions. In fact, almost all institutions or companies today have made campus and study program accreditation one of the requirements that must be met when applying for a job.

Therefore, usually the campus will provide a copy or photocopy of accreditation to its graduates. If by chance the alumni or graduates of the campus have not taken it, just come to the campus where they studied first and ask for the accreditation.

How to Download Campus Accreditation

How to download campus accreditation for those of you who need it is very easy. If you haven’t done it before, just follow the steps below:

  • First, first access your campus website. If indeed every faculty where you study has a special website, then try accessing the faculty’s website.
  • After opening the website, you will be directed to the main menu of the website. Pay attention to the word accreditation or certificate on the main menu of the website located at the top.
  • Once you find the word, continue by clicking on it. After that, just download the accreditation certificate that you need.
  • Usually the accreditation certificate for the major you download is in the form of a PDF file. That way, you can print it anytime.
  • The average campus or college currently provides a departmental accreditation certificate in the form of a soft copy. That way, whenever the campus alumni can download it when needed.

If you don’t know the address of the campus website or the department where you went to college, just use Google to get the address. The steps you can take are as follows:

  • First, open the browser that you often use on your laptop, PC, or smartphone.
  • Then you only need to type in the keyword ‘Department Accreditation Certificate Format’ [nama jurusan kamu + nama kampus kamu]. For example: Accreditation certificate majoring in mechanical engineering + UNHAS Makassar.
  • Later Google will display the search results. Just choose the most suitable search results. Just open the existing search results one by one. That way, you can choose which one best matches what you are looking for.
  • After clicking the link that appears on the search page, you will be directed to an existing website.
  • Next, just look for the download page for the BAN PT accreditation certificate.
  • After finding it, just download it based on the major and the year you studied.
  • Let the download process run to completion.
  • Finished.

If you follow the steps on how to download campus accreditation above and there are no errors, you can surely download the accreditation easily.

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How to Check Campus Accreditation on the BAN-PT Site

If you want to check the accreditation of a particular campus, both public and private campuses, then you can directly check through the banpt.or.id site. Accreditation information presented on the site is accurate because it is the official website of BAN-PT (National Accreditation Board for Higher Education). To check, just follow the steps below:

  • First, click on the url above.
  • Then the website page will appear.
  • Scroll to the bottom, search for institution options to view campus accreditation.
  • You can also choose a study program if you want to see the results of accreditation from the study program.
  • Continue by typing the name of the campus you want to check for accreditation.
  • Later, accreditation will appear, starting from the SK number, validity period, and value.
  • If you want to check the accreditation of the study program, just type the name of the campus and the study program.

This is information about how to download campus accreditation and other things about accreditation. Hopefully you have no more trouble downloading campus accreditation when you need it.


What is Campus Accreditation?

Accreditation is an assessment activity to determine the feasibility of Study Programs and Higher Education.

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