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How To Delete Zoom Account On Android And Laptop Permanently

How to Delete Zoom Account The Covid-19 pandemic, which has almost hit the entire country, has disrupted social activities. One of them is that the government in Indonesia prohibits face-to-face meetings to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. With that, people are competing to find ways to continue to carry out their work and activities. One of them is to make a meeting or remote meeting online through the zoom application.

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However, in the midst of the convenience of people accessing Zoom, there is a lot of news that talks about wiretapping conversations, data breaches, account break-ins, account sales at dark web and all kinds hacking and cracking which is enough to make us feel very worried.

Eric Yuan (CEO zoom) also admitted that the video call application on the PC and mobile hers is not completely safe. However, he is committed to fixing this vulnerability as soon as possible. As quoted from the msn.com page on (08/04/2021).

But don’t worry and stay calm, here we want to share how to delete an account Zoom for those who have already used or accessed Zoom.

1. How to delete Zoom on Android

If you are already using Zoom on your Android phone, you can delete the Zoom account very easily! Here’s how;

The first step – Open the Zoom application on the cellphone

  • open smartphone browser you then visit Zoom site (https://zoom.us/) and enter the account Zoom with a tap hamburger icon > Sign In.

Second step – select Account Management Options:

  • If you are already logged in, all you have to do is tap the menu dropdown which is at the top. Here you can choose Admin > Account Management > Account Profile.

Third step – delete Zoom account

  • On the Account Profile page, you select the option Terminate my account which is at the bottom. Then on pop-up confirm, you just choose Yes to permanently delete your Zoom account.

fourth step – Disable Permission Zoom

Even though the Zoom account has been permanently deleted, there is still the Zoom application installed on it WL you.

  • Before starting to delete or uninstall, first you deactivate permission Zoom. You just go to the menu Settings > App > Zoom > Permissions.

Step five – Clear Zoom Cache and Data

  • you can delete cache and Zoom application data that may still be left on your cellphone. All you have to do is go to the menu Storage > Clear cache and Clear data.

Sixth step – Uninstall the zoom application on your cellphone

  • Finally, just select the option Uninstall to uninstall the Zoom application on the cellphone. If a confirmation appears, you just tap OK to continue the process.

2. How to Delete Account Zoom on Laptop

In addition to deleting a zoom account via your cellphone, you can also delete a zoom account via a laptop. As for how:

Step One – open the Zoom app and login

  • Open the app browser PC or laptop, then visit Zoom site (https://zoom.us/) and login to your Zoom account by clicking the option Sign In.

Step Two – select the Account Management option

  • When you have entered the Zoom application, you just have to look at the section on the left of the screen. Here you just select the option Account Management > Account Profile.

Step Three – Start deleting Zoom account on Laptop

  • You just choose Terminate my Account. If a confirmation box appears, you just click Yes to permanently delete Zoom account via PC or laptop.

Step Four – Open Control Panel

  • Then you can delete the Zoom application on the laptop. How do you go to the app Control Panel > Uninstall or change a program.

Step Five – Remove / Uninstall Zoom on Laptop

  • Find and click the Zoom application then select the option Uninstall at the top. Then process uninstall The Zoom application on the laptop will run automatically and delete it from your device.

That’s how to delete a zoom account on your cellphone and laptop, easy, right?

We recommend the app meeting or safer remote meetings, namely Skype and Google Meets developed by Microsoft and Google. In addition, there is an application made in the country called umeetme.id which is very easy to use.

Finally, we say thank you and apologize if there are writings that are not clear.

#StaySafe everyone don’t forget to wash your hands often!

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