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How to Delete Pages or Pages in Ms Word Very Easily

Buddy is working on an assignment or report with word, but you don’t know how to delete a page in Ms Word? Don’t worry, this article will discuss the answer!

Word or Microsoft Word is software that functions to be used as typing documents by users. Word itself has several versions inside microsoft office, and word itself always adds features that make it easier for users to use it. Well, one of the features from the initial version of the launch to the latest version is the page feature or page numbering. Page numbering is very helpful for users, for example in making reports, making theses, making books, and the like.

But sometimes the numbering is still not well understood by many users, for example related to page deletion. Indeed, to delete certain pages is quite difficult and requires several ways, because if you just delete, all pages will be deleted. Curious how to delete a page in Word? Read on!

How to Delete Word Pages

If you want to delete blank pages in a word document, here’s how to delete blank pages in a Microsoft Word document:

  • First, if you want to make sure whether your document has a blank page or not, you can use Print Preview or keyboard combination CTRL+F2.
  • Then later on a blank page, usually contains hidden format symbols such as empty paragraphs, page breaks, or section breaks. Buddy can delete the blank page by displaying the symbols by pressing the keyboard combination CTRL + SHIFT + * or also can be on Home tabs, paragraph group, click Show/Hide.
  • Well, if the results of the deletion that you did are not as expected, you can downloadundoit or cancel it by pressing CTRL + Z.

How to Delete Blank Pages in the Middle and End of a Document

In this method, you can use to remove blank lines, page breaks, and section breaks.

  • First, you can click and drag the mouse to select an empty row.
  • Next, press the button DELETE.
  • Done, the page will be deleted!

The above method, my friend, can also be used to delete hidden blank pages, namely blank pages that appear on the page Print Preview and when printed, but which one is not visible when in Print Layout View.

How? Is it easy enough?

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How to Delete Multiple Blank Pages at the End of a Document

Furthermore, if you want to delete a blank page consisting of two or more than one at the end of the document, you can follow this method. Here’s how:

  • First, on the first blank line that you want to delete, you can click on the blank line.
  • If you have, you can press the key combination CTRL + SHIFT + End. Now here, word will select a line starting from the pointer position to the last line of the document.
  • Finally, you can press the button DELETE to delete all those rows.

How to Remove Blank Pages after Table

This last method you can do if you insert a table in word. Well usually if you insert a table, then Word will automatically create a blank paragraph line under the table marked with a paragraph mark.

Here’s the problem, if you insert a table that reaches the end of the page, the blank row will be on the next page. This will bring up a blank page. The problem is that the paragraph mark on a blank page cannot be removed by pressing DELETE or BACKSPACE.

Therefore, we will tell you another way, namely;

  • First, you have to activate the feature Show All Formatting Marks. How to? You can click Show/Hide on the menu Home, then enter paragraph group. It’s easier, my friend, you can use a key combination CTRL + SHIFT + *.
how to delete word page
  • If so, my friend can select the paragraph mark below the table.
  • Then you can right click on the paragraph mark.
  • Then a pop up will appear. here you can choose paragraph to display a dialog box.
how to delete word page
  • Later on the menu Indents and Spacing, my friend can set the value before and After to 0/zero in part Spacing. To Own line spacing, my friend must choose Single yes! Then click OK If you have finished it.
how to delete a page in word
image source: computer1001.com
  • At the paragraph mark that you selected earlier, you have to set the font size to 1. The trick is that you can select the menu Home, then go to Fonts, and in the font size or Font Size, my friend can type the number 1. This is to make the font size invisible.
how to delete a page in word
  • In the end the paragraph mark or paragraph mark will be moved to the previous page. Yup, and those blank pages will disappear.

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The final word

The discussion above is a way to delete pages in word that we can provide for you to follow. You can follow it carefully and slowly, because it’s not easy to delete a page.

Good luck! ?

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