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How to Delete a Mi Account Forgot Password and Locked

Many Xiaomi users forget their Mi account passwords, because it’s been a while since they’ve been fiddling with Mi accounts or checking Mi accounts regularly or occasionally. Moreover, Mi accounts are considered mostly not a priority because according to him it is “not very important”.

In fact, the Mi Account itself is one of the services from Xiaomi smartphones that is used for smartphone tasking needs.

In fact, there are many benefits of Mi account, some of which are for backing up data, downloading a theme, and other useful features it offers.

Since realizing the importance of Mi account / my account, many try to tamper with or check their Mi account, but many also forget their Mi account especially forget the password. Therefore most also want to create a new Mi Account. But before creating a new Mi account, the user must log out / exit first.

How to Delete Mi Account Forgot Password

If it’s only limited to forgetting your password, but you still remember your email address or mobile number, then you can try the following ways to delete the Mi forgot password account.

How to Delete Mi Account
  • Once open, then click on the words “Forgot Password” / “Forgot Password“ below after the Sign In button.
  • After Click “Forgot Password” / Forgot Password Then it will appear like this
How to Delete Mi Account
  • The next step is just to reset the password by entering the address E-mail or Mobile Number, then click next / next.
  • Next, the system will send a verification code to the email we entered. Please click “SEND“. Then we have to enter the captcha code, then click again “SEND” and the system will automatically send a verification code to the email.
How to Delete Mi Account
  • If you have, then the next step is to open the email, and you will get a verification code. Please copy the code.
  • Then enter the verification code on the previous page.
How to Delete Mi Account
  • After that we just have to reset the new password in a display like this
  Forgot Mi Account Password
Forgot my account password
  • Then click “SEND
  • After getting the new password, we just need to log into the MI account that was previously locked using the new password.
  • If the cellphone has been successfully unlocked, then we can then delete the Mi account from the smartphone by inputting to menu Settings or Settings, then select menu Mi Account. Now on the Mi Account menu there will be a menu go out. Then click the option “Go out” or “Sign Out” so that the Mi account can be deleted from the smartphone.
  • done, Mi Account has been deleted.

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How to Permanently Delete Mi Account

We can not only delete Mi accounts from smartphones, but we can also delete them permanently. However, if it is permanently deleted, all data in Mi Cloud will be deleted, such as photos, contacts, notes, etc. If you don’t have a problem with that, then please see how to delete the following Permanent Mi account.

as for if you want to delete it permanently, here’s how

  • Then login to the MI account that will be deleted by entering your email and password. Then click Enter or Login.
  • After that a pop up will appear about the consequences of deleting the Mi account saying that all data connected to the Mi account will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered. If you are sure about it, then click on the text “Yes, I want to permanently delete my Mi Account and all its data.“,
  • then click “Delete Mi Account

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we have a more extreme way to delete a xiaomi account that forgot the password, but we really don’t recommend using this method if not in an emergency

there is a way as follows

  • Entered into settings on your cellphone.
  • Scroll down, then tap Additional Settings.
  Forgot Mi Account Password
  • Then tap Backup & reset.
  Forgot Mi Account Password
  • Then tap Factory reset.
  Forgot Mi Account Password
Forgot my account password

Contact Xiaomi

If you are afraid / unsure of doing the above method, or there are other needs and needs related to Xiaomi or even your Mi Account has been locked without being able to do it as described above. Then you should contact xiaomi to help you.

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You can contact the official xiaomi at:

Email: service.id@xiaomi.com

Call Center : 0800-1-401558

Chats: http://www.mi.com/id/service/online

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/XiaomiIndonesia

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