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How to Delete Line Account Easily!

Want to delete your Line account because you haven’t used it for a long time? Of course it can be done, to find out how, you can see this page, because we will discuss how to delete a Line account. Please continue to listen yes!

The chat application created by the Naver Corporation developer has indeed been very booming in the past few years. The hype had decreased, but in fact the application released in 2011 was able to survive until now, and there are still many loyal users and even more.

Line itself is widely used in Indonesia, apart from being able to chat easily, Line itself offers various complex features, such as Line nearby (finding friends via location), Line today (news channel), funny and interesting stickers and themes, official accounts, chat bots, and many other cool and helpful features.

For the Line application, users can access it on any device, such as Android Smartphones, iOS smartphones, Windows OS PCs, and even Mac OS PCs. Therefore, Line still has millions of users who continue to access it.

Now if you want to delete your account for one reason or another, you can try this method of deleting an account, with the features provided. Curious?

How to delete a Line Account?

how to delete line account

Important Information Before Delete Account Line

But before you start deleting your account, you should first pay attention to this important information, so that you won’t be mistaken and don’t regret it later. Here’s the information we summarized directly from the party support Lines.

  • The account will not be deleted just by deleting the LINE app
  • When a LINE account is deleted, all data such as paid stickers and LINE Coins that have been purchased, registered phone numbers, friends and group lists, chat history, official apps (LINE Games, LINE PLAY, etc.) linked to the account will also be deleted.
  • If the user registers an email address to the deleted account, then the email address can no longer be used to log in to the PC
  • Once an account is deleted, the data in the account will not be recovered even if the app is reinstalled, and the account cannot be moved
  • For LINE users who also use LINE Pay, they must delete the LINE Pay account first before deleting the LINE account.
  • Please see how to delete a LINE Pay account on Help Page this.

So, if you understand and are ready to accept the risks that occur after deleting your account, you can immediately enter the account deletion stage.

Here are the steps to delete a LINE account:

  • First, please, my friend, open the Line application on your cellphone or PC
  • If so, enter the menu Arrangement / Settings
  • Then you will see many options, here just click on the option Account / Account
  • Scroll down, until you find the option Delete Account
  • So, if you have found it, you can click on the option Delete Account this
  • After that, then follow the instructions given, then select Next
  • Then you can see the important points on the screen before deletion (the points have been explained above)
  • Finally, just click Delete Account > delete
  • Finished!

Your Line account has been permanently deleted by Line. If you want to login back to the Line account, you can create a new account or you can directly log in with your Facebook account.

Can Recover Permanently Deleted Accounts?


Unfortunately it can’t. LINE accounts that have been deleted cannot be recovered. In accordance with Line’s policy, that when you successfully apply for a LINE account deletion, then all the data that exists and is linked to the service such as free and paid stickers that you have purchased, phone numbers registered with LINE, friends and group lists, chat history, official apps (Games), and so on.

So make sure before deleting, my friend can back up first the important data, and make sure nothing is missed.

Can I Temporarily Deactivate a Line Account Like Instagram?

For deletion feature temporary or temporarily, Line itself does not provide this feature, there is only permanent deletion. Indeed, the temporary deletion feature is needed and often expected by people.

It’s possible, for updatesIn the future, Line will add a temporary account deletion feature. So, make sure you keep updating the Line app!

Deleting Apps Will Delete Accounts?

Don’t worry, if you delete the application, your account will still be there, because only the application is uninstalled from your device. If you want to use it again, just re-install the Line application then log in with an existing account, and wait a while for chat recovery and other information.

But if you delete the application, it is likely that some linked applications such as Webtoon, and other games will experience problems when played.

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The final word

How? How easy is it not to delete the Line account? Please, my friend, follow the steps and don’t forget to read the important points first before actually doing it. Good luck! 😊

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