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How to Delete All Tweets at Once Easily and Quickly!

Buddy feel uncomfortable with your tweets that are ridiculous and not really on twitter? Buddy planning to update twitter and delete all the tweets? Very fitting, this article will discuss how to delete all tweets at once easily and quickly!

Twitter is one of the social media and sharing stories that are liked by people, many of whom are diligent and regularly share stories here.

Some of the reasons people like to share stories on twitter include because on the one hand the appearance of twitter is simple and doesn’t seem complicated, on the other hand, twitter users are also open-minded.

This is a plus point for the competitors of Facebook and Instagram, which is why many users continue to survive, even though there is more and more competition from other social media. Of course, with Twitter, we are free to express ourselves in this channel.

Maybe a few years ago when it was alay, my friend often wrote tweets that could be said to be disgusting because it was alay. And this makes my friend embarrassed or uncomfortable, and intends to delete all the tweets, but the tweets are very many and it is impossible to delete one by one.

So instead of being confused like that, my friend can use the technology that we will review below, curious? Let’s see the review!

How to delete all tweets Twitter

Using Tweet Delete

How to Delete All Tweets

The first way you can try to delete all tweets on your twitter is to use Tweet Delete.

Tweet Delete itself can delete thousands of posts or old tweets of friends that are up to one year old, you know! At the same time, you can also schedule the deletion of the next tweet on a regular basis. Here’s how to use it.

  • If you have, you will see the Tweet Delete start page, please read the terms and conditions first, then you can continue by ticking the box provided.
  • After that, you can log-in using your Twitter account
  • Then you can click “authorized app“. Next, my friend, please select the option “delete all my existing tweets before activating this schedule” to delete old tweets. Then specify the time period for the tweet you want to delete.
  • Well here, my friend, don’t forget to remove the check mark or check the “Post to my feed to let my friends know I activated TweetDelete“, if you don’t want to show this activity on your timeline.
  • Later, before being deleted, a pop-up will appear to confirm whether you really want to delete all the tweets or not.
  • If it is fixed and sure, please click “ok”.
  • And wait until the process is complete

How? Pretty easy isn’t it?

Delete All Tweets Using TweetDeleter

How to Delete All Tweets

Another way to delete all tweets is to use TweetDeleter. This service claims that it has been used by more than 600,000 twitter users and has deleted more than 900,000,000 tweets of any type! Very cool isn’t it?

Means this service is very work or proven. Now to start deleting all tweets on your Twitter buddy, you can follow these steps:

  • If so, please click the Sign in with Twitter button.
  • So, you can login with your twitter account.
  • Then here you can click the button allow.
  • Then you can click and select an option Delete options.
  • After that, here, my friend, click Delete all tweets to start deleting all your tweets
  • Wait until the deletion process is successful
  • Finished! Now your tweet has been completely deleted!

Note: Sa

You can also set the tweets you want to delete by date. In addition, you can also delete certain types of tweets such as retweets or replies.

Very cool isn’t it? It’s a loss if you don’t try it!

Delete Tweet Using Twitter

How to Delete All Tweets

In addition, you can also delete all tweets using the service on TwitWipe. Now this service is quite well known and popular, because indeed TwitWipe works well to delete all tweets. So, here are the steps you can follow to easily delete all tweets on TwitWipe,

Here are the steps:

  • First, you can open your browser, then please visit the website www.twitter.com
  • Then if you have entered the start page, you can click Get Started or Start
  • After that, you can scroll down and select Sign in using Twitter.
  • Please, my friend, login with your twitter account
  • Then click the Allow app button.
  • Here TwitWipe will detect the number of tweets and likes on your twitter
  • If everything is out and counted, please select it and click the button TwitterWipe to delete all your tweets.
  • You can wait for the process to be successful.
  • Finished! Your Twitter is clean of all tweets

How? Very easy is not it to use this TwitWipe?


Well because my friend has deleted all tweets automatically with the help of third-party services or applications. For reasons of security and convenience for your twitter, it would be nice if you could revoke access to the application or third party. here are the steps you can follow:

  • First, please log in to twitter, and you can enter the settings menu or your twitter settings.
  • If so, here you can choose the menu Account, then select Apps and sessions.
  • Here you can click on the application or third party that you have used earlier if there is one.
  • Finally, my friend can choose “Revoke access”.

Finished! Buddy has revoked access rights from third parties so that your twitter is safe and comfortable to use.

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The final word

Above is how to delete all tweets at once easily and quickly that you can follow. In order for the method to work, make sure you follow the steps correctly, yes!

Ok, good luck! 😊

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