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How to Dark Mode Instagram Using Applications (Anti FAIL)

Dark Mode Application for All Android Phones – The Dark mode feature has been a topic of discussion for Netizens for the past few weeks, especially since Instagram supports night mode which makes it look pitch black so it’s comfortable to see in low light conditions. Even the first time this feature was launched, it was a trending topic on Twitter for quite a long time.

Unfortunately not all mobile phones are compatible with the night mode. So the night mode feature on Instagram cannot be used.

Dark Mode Features using Additional Apps

But for those of you who want night mode for Instagram or other applications that already support this mode, you can use a third-party application. One of them is an application called Dark Mode, I’ve tried this application on HP Xiaomi Note 4x. Curious how? It’s really easy, see the steps below, yes;

  • First download and install the app called Dark Mode here
  • If you have installed it, open the application Later it will look like a setting that presents 3 mode options (see picture)

    Buddy can choose Day Mode will display the appearance in general, Night Mode will display a black appearance by changing your Instagram to black which will spoil the eyes when in a room that lacks light. And Auto mode which will automatically switch according to the device clock.

Here is a view of using the Dark Mode application on the Xiaomi Note 4x.

Dark Mode app by Julian Eggers

This dark mode application was created by Julian Eggers with a fairly small size of only 1.6MB. This application has been installed by more than 100 thousand people with 4.5 ratings. Buddy can see the users who have given ratings. In the comments there were also those who did not get any changes to Instagram and other applications.

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In addition, there are mentions that only a few applications can work properly. “I tried to use it on my Samsung Galaxy A5 but it doesn’t work for some apps. Before I went into the app it looked black but when it finished loading it the app remained normal white. Instagram doesn’t work either. The only apps from what I can see working are Google Photos and the Play Store,” said one three-star user with the username Long Island Gaming.

If you have used the application, please give us feedback whether it works on your cellphone or not, don’t forget to tell us the brand and type of cellphone that you are using.

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