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How to Create Zip Files on Android Without and With Apps Easily!

Soba want to create a Zip file on Android? But you don’t know and have trouble creating a ZIP file? Don’t worry, friends, because we will discuss how to create a Zip File on Android without and with an application.

The ZIP file format itself is a collection of files that are collected in one container and compressed in such a way that the file size can be much smaller than the original file, and later the file can be restored as before including the size and contents of the file by extracting it.

Well, before the presence of smartphones, Zip files could only be done via computers and laptops. However, due to increasingly sophisticated smartphone technology, smartphone devices now have this capability, namely creating ZIP files.

So how do you create a Zip file on Android? Let’s see the steps below!

How to Create Zip Files on Android Without Apps

Now, how to create a Zip file without an application, you can do it with a note that your Android OS is already Android 10. Then how?

  • First, please go to the file manager on your smartphone.
  • Next, you can find which files or folders you want to compress or make into ZIP format.
  • You can hold down the file for 1 second, and a menu will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  • You can click on the three-dot icon with the words “more”
  • If you click it, there will be an option, just leave it, my friend, select “Compress”
  • Yup, the file was successfully compressed and became ZIP format!

Note: unfortunately even though it’s Android 10, not all Zip features are available on every android device. But don’t worry, this is an easy matter, you can use an application to convert the file into ZIP format.

How to Create Zip Files on Android With Apps

“RAR” application

How to Create Zip Files on Android Without and With Apps Easily!

Yup, this application is not a foreign application is not it? This legend application was originally launched on a computer or laptop. However, due to technological developments, this application has also penetrated the world of smartphones. Yes, here are the steps to use it:

  • To create a .zip file, you can use an application called RAR. To download the application developed by Rarlab, you can download it for free via the Google Play Store or you can click this link.
  • Now if it has been successfully downloaded and installed, please open the RAR application.
  • Next, you can find the folder containing the file that you want to turn into a ZIP file. You can also select multiple files at once to be made into one ZIP file.
  • Don’t forget my friend can check or tick to select the file you want to be ZIP.
  • If you have selected the file, you can click the plus sign icon at the top.
  • Here you can name the ZIP file, it’s up to you and what you want to name it.
  • If you have, you can click BROWSE to select the location where the output file will be stored.
  • Then just go ahead and select ZIP.
  • Oh yes, here there is a Set Password option, here you can enter a password so that the ZIP file cannot be opened by just anyone. If you don’t need it, you can skip it or just ignore it.
  • Finally click OK.
  • Finished!

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The final word

How? Pretty easy isn’t it how to create a zip file on android without or with an app? Please, my friend, follow the steps correctly so that it will work later.

Good luck! ️

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