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How to Create an OpenChat Feature on Line

Line is a chat application that is famous for its uniqueness. One of them is a cute sticker that many people use when chatting. Although it is undeniable, the Line application is inferior to similar rivals, namely the WhatsApp application, but Line is still suitable for use as a fun chat room.

In 2021, Line released their feature which was entitled LINE Square. LINE Square is a feature that allows users to chat together on the basis of the same interest or preference even though they don’t have a contact or line id. This feature provides various benefits for users so that they can interact with many people.

LINE Square makes it easy for users to freely chat with anyone without the need to reveal their real identity and personal data to strangers who have just met or just talked to the LINE Square room. That way, the privacy of each user will be strictly guarded and will not be disseminated without the permission of the user of the LINE Square feature.

The attraction and uniqueness of this LINE Square chat room is that the capacity to accommodate members is quite large and spacious. In one LINE Square room, it can be used to accommodate up to a maximum limit of 5 thousand people. Not only that, in one LINE Square room, it will also be divided into several sub groups that can be used according to the reference and enjoyment of each user. That’s what makes LINE Square’s feature unique and interesting.

After a long time and loved by many people, the feature is slowly starting to evaluate by updating some of its services. Now LINE Square has turned into a feature called LINE OpenChat. LINE OpenChat is used for Line applications with the territories of Indonesia, Japan and Thailand. This name change is also accompanied by several additional features that were not previously available on LINE Square.

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How to Create an OpenChat Feature on Line

One of these updates is the convenience for users to enter the LINE OpenChat room. If previously people or users had to join the square sphere first, it was different with LINE OpenChat. You can click LINE OpenChat just once and automatically you can chat with various kinds of people in the application.

Here are the steps to create OpenChat on Line:

  1. Press the OpenChat button with the “+” sign at the bottom of the LINE OpenCha main page
  2. Then enter a name for the OpenChat you want to create
  3. After that make an explanation about OpenChat, if necessary add a profile photo for OpenChat
  4. Buddy can choose whether you want OpenChat to be displayed in search results or not, then click next
  5. Enter your own profile which will be displayed in OpenChat and Done.

Line OpenChat also has a feature to limit the users who want to join, how by providing a code for people who want to enter the OpenChat that you create. The method is as follows:

  1. Look for the “V” icon or the three-line icon at the top right of the chat room > Settings or the gear icon
  2. Then select Privacy settings
  3. And select the code to join and enter the desired code
  4. Finished

In this LINE OpenChat service, privacy is also enhanced by asking questions to new users or also providing a password if the user wants to join the LINE OpenChat room or group.

Then what makes this LINE OpenChat feature even better than before is that LINE OpenChat rooms or groups can be accessed on all pages in the Line application. That way it will make it easier for people who want to access this LINE OpenChat feature or service.

As for if you want to enjoy the LINE OpenChat feature or service, then you must first update the Line application on your cellphone. If you are using android, then update the Line app to version 9.12. And for iOS users, please update the Line app to version 9.13. The presence of the LINE OpenChat feature is expected to be able to provide satisfaction from loyal users of the Line application.

That’s a full review of the LINE OpenChat feature. That is all and thank you.

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