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How to Create a New Moonton Account Quickly and Without Complicated!

Some time ago, we discussed about Mobile Legend, such as Mobile Legend Income per year, and the best Mobile Legend Player support in Indonesia. On this occasion, we will share how to create a Moonton account easily and quickly.

For most Indonesian Mobile gamers, you must already know very well the game application that carries this Moba gameplay. The game, which was launched on July 14, 2016, was able to gain popularity and attract many players both in Indonesia, as well as in several other countries such as Thailand, Turkey, Malaysia, England, and many others.

The popularity of Mobile Legend is not solely because of its name, but the gameplay that is carried, as well as the characters and various stories make players always interested in using it, and it can be said that it is not easy to get bored when playing this one game.

Thanks to its popularity, Mobile legend makes various major tournament events between teams and between countries. Like the Indonesian e-sports team, Oura, BTR, RRQ, Evos, which have big names because they usually win tournaments, carry the name of Indonesia, and have the best players in them, this game always sells and is played by many people.

Moonton Mobile Legend account

Of course, to play Mobile Legend an account is required. Users can choose these accounts for registration, such as Google, Facebook, VK accounts, or Moonton’s own account. Before entering into creating a Moonton account, you must first understand what is meant by bind account and unbind account.

bind taken in English, which literally means to bind or link. In other words, the purpose of bind account is where the user’s Mobile Legend account is linked to several permitted accounts, such as GOOGLE, Facebook, VK, and Moonton accounts. bind own account serves tobackup the user’s Mobile Legend account when changing from one device to another. So that the user account does not just disappear.

Can Unbind Account?

Unbind itself is the opposite of bind, in other words Unbind itself means unlinking an account (Google, Facebook, VK and Moonton) with the game Mobile legends. This is intended to help users when they want to change their mobile legend account to another linked account. For example, you want to unlink your Mobile Legend account on Facebook, because Facebook was hacked. So, so that your Mobile Legend account doesn’t get taken over, then the features unbind this is the solution.

How to Create a Moonton Account

Well, if you already understand about bind nor unbind, my friend can see the steps on how to create a Moonton account. Creating a moonton account is certainly very easy, you can use two methods. The first method, my friend, can create a Moonton account through the Moonton site, the second one, create a direct Mobile Legend. But here we will explain how to create a moonton account through the Mobile Legend application.

Why? because by creating directly in the Mobile Legend application, my friend can create an account quickly and without complicated. So, here are the steps you can follow:

The following are the steps to create a Moonton account to make it easier for you gamers.

  1. Open Mobile Legend

    First, please, my friend, open the Mobile Legend application, bang bang first. If you don’t have it yet, please download first through the Google Play Store or the App Store. If you have, you can click on your account profile (top left corner position)

  2. Go to Account

    Then, my friend can select the menu “Accounts” as we have marked below.

  3. Click Moonton Account

    When you enter the account settings menu, you can see which accounts you have linked with your Mobile Legend. Well, to create a Moonton account, just click on the option Moonton Account

  4. Fill Required Data

    Well, here you can fill in the required data. Here we give an example with Sign up with email. After filling in the required data form, you can enter your email and wait for the verification code to be sent to the email.

  5. Click Verify Now

    Buddy can go to the Inbox in the Email, and please click the button Activate Now

  6. Process Successful

    If the verification has been successful, information will appear that the Moonton account has been successfully created, and Mobile Legend is automatically linked here.

How? How to create a Moonton account on Mobile Legend is very easy, right? Immediately, my friend, create an account now, so that your GG Mobile Legend account becomes more secure. In addition, we also have other information about the risk of an account if it is not bound, and tips on securing an account. Curious? please see the review below!

Mobile Legend Account Risks If Not Bind

How to Create a Moonton Account

As explained earlier, bind accounts have several advantages for the players themselves. Even though you think your Mobile legend account looks safe, we have to minimize the hacker activity that targets and steals player accounts. The name of the system, there must be a gap.

The risk you get when you don’t do it bind account that is your Mobile Legend account will disappear. How come? we give some examples. Like if you play Mobile Legend on your current cellphone, but suddenly your cellphone is damaged and cannot be justified, then your account will be lost as long as the cellphone is not turned on due to an unlinked account.

In addition, if you only link on Facebook or Google, if both or one of the accounts is taken access by someone else or let’s say your cellphone is lost, then the account cannot be accessed so that Mobile legend is also inaccessible. That’s why, my friend also need bind Moonton account for more access and minimize account loss. Moreover, your account is a sultan’s account and has a high rank, it’s really annoying if it’s lost, isn’t it?

Tips for Securing Accounts

How to Create a Moonton Account

Don’t worry, here we will share tips on securing your Mobile Legend account so that it can’t be hacked by irresponsible people. Here are the tips:

  • use 2 factor authentication or double verification. This feature itself is available directly on Mobile Legend, please take advantage of it.
  • Link Mobile Legend to multiple accounts
  • Do not often spread user IDs (but this is a small risk, but it would be nice not to spread player IDs if they are not very important.
  • Avoid logging in Mobile Legend on public devices
  • Secure Facebook, VK, Google and Moonton accounts with 2 factor authentication on each platform (they have their own security features)

Those are a few tips from us to secure your Mobile Legend account.

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The final word

That’s an explanation of How to create a Moonton account, understanding bind and unbind, as well as the risk if not bind accounts and tips related to securing your Mobile Legend account. How? easy and simple right? This way, you can secure your Mobile Legend account so you can play more comfortably.

So, hopefully useful!

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