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How to Create Instagram Highlights

Talking again about the social media hype, Instagram, some time ago we discussed how to change the Instagram DM theme, and how to make Instagram private, which can make the use of Instagram more leverage. Well this time we discuss about Instagram users’ favorite features, namely Highlights. Curious how to create Instagram highlights? we will explain it below.

The Highlights feature or more familiarly called Highlights is an update feature on Instagram. Although this feature is not new or very old, in fact not many users know the function and how to use this highlight feature.

Now the highlight feature or Highlights itself is a feature that displays archives from stories (snapgrams) that users have shared. In other words, stories or snapgrams that you have created on your Instagram account do not just disappear (if they are not deleted), but are stored in the archive, now this highlight is a place to re-display past stories to your Instagram profile.

In addition, this Highlight can be classified and given a name, for example, if you want to make a highlight about the story of traveling abroad, then the highlight can be named “Travelling” or “Vacation” plus a cool cover photo.

Interestingly, the highlight feature can be a nostalgic place because you can see memories in past stories or snapgrams. How? So far, you have understood what the Highlights feature is, don’t you? So now my friend can try to make it!

How To Create Instagram Highlights?

Curious not to make the spotlight on Instagram? Follow these steps.

  1. Open the Instagram Application on HP

    First, you can run your Instagram application, then go to your profile by clicking the profile photo icon in the lower right corner

  2. Click the Plus sign below the bio

    If you have entered your profile, you can see under the Instagram bio, there is a plus icon with the words New, please click on it.

  3. Select Story

    Next, here, my friend, select the past story or snapgram to display in the Highlights. Don’t worry, you can choose any number of stories because Instagram doesn’t limit it, you can also choose stories that were made several years ago.

  4. Name and Highlight Cover Photo

    If you have selected the story that you want to appear in the spotlight, then you can click Next and you will go to the next page. Well here you can name your highlight freely, besides that you can also change the cover photo of the highlight.

  5. Highlight Created Successfully

    Then the highlight containing the snapgram that you have selected will be successfully displayed on your profile!

How? very easy isn’t it to make Instagram highlights or highlights? that way, now you don’t have to worry if the story you make well will just disappear and people won’t be able to see it. Because with the highlight, whenever the story will be displayed again as long as you don’t delete it within 24 hours after uploading the story.

How to Remove Instagram Highlights?

If you want to remove the highlight because you are bored and uncomfortable, you can delete it easily. How? All you have to do is go to your Instagram account profile, then click and hold the highlight you want to delete. Then several options will appear, including the delete option. So, please, just click on the option, buddy Delete Highlights / Delete Highlights. Then the Highlight will disappear from your profile.

Note: Deleting a highlight will not delete the archived story that goes to that highlight, in other words it only removes the highlight from the profile from being shown.

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The final word

Above is how to create Instagram highlights that we have reviewed for you to follow. Looks very easy doesn’t it? With the Highlights feature, your Instagram will be even more interesting, let alone make highlights about vacations or traveling.

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