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How to Create an Account and Watch Free Netflix Movies

Have you ever thought about watching Netflix for free and even getting a free netflix account and how to register for free? If you have questions like that, try to read the information we provide here.

Nextflix is ​​currently like a cinema that can be enjoyed by movie lovers. How come? Netflix itself has even surpassed cinemas which provide thousands of quality movies that users can watch anywhere and anytime. Currently netflix dominates the movie streaming platform in the world, with its popularity and good ratings. Especially now that Netflix can be watched on TelkomGroup’s internet networks including IndiHome and Telkomsel.

But besides that, Netflix is ​​not a free platform that you can enjoy like TV at home, hehehe. Yes, the name is also a company, it definitely needs profit. Yup, to be able to watch quality movies on netflx, you need to subscribe to various packages of choice. For example, use a package of 50 thousand for one month, a package of 150 for several months, and other packages that adjust the price and subscription period. The more expensive, the longer the subscription time.

Can you watch Netflix for free?

Hmm, the answer is yes, but using a trick that is not permanent. There are some tricks using free netflix that still work but over time there are problems so that the movies can’t be played, maybe why can’t because they have been detected by the Netflix security system itself.

Hmmm curious how? Take it easy, these articles and reviews might help you to be able to enjoy Netflix for free!

But before that, because this method is not safe or illegal, we are not responsible for any problems with you, such as blocking your account, entering viruses or malware, losing data, being hacked, and so on. For that, make sure your friend is ready to accept the risk! Because we only provide knowledge, not for direct imitation, but for consideration and knowledge that these methods do exist.

How To Watch Netflix For Free With Trial

watch netflix free with trial
  • First, friends, please download the application Netflix in the play store for android mobile users, and for PCs or laptops you can directly visit the site https://www.netflix.com/
  • If you have, open the application or the web and later your friend will appear on the home page. Please, my friend, enter the Email Address that will be used to register. Then click the button “Try 30 Days Free
  • Next, my friend selects a subscription package. The method is

by clicking the button “SEE THE PLANS“.

  • Now there will be three package options consisting of Basic, Standard and Premium. We recommend you to choose the Premium package, then click the “CONTINUE” in the below section.
  • If so, you just need to create a Netflix Password. Please click “CONTINUE“, then enter the password and click again “CONTINUE
  • Well, here, my friend, set the payment method. NetFlix provides three choices of payment methods consisting of Credit or Debit Card, PayPal, and Gift Code. Now, to be able to watch Netflix for free this way, please, my friend, select “PayPal“.
  • Later, information will appear that you will subscribe to the Premium Plan package at a cost of $0.00 for one month and after the Free Trial runs out, you will be billed for $15.99. If you understand or understand the explanation, then just click the “CONTINUE TO PAYPAL
  • After that, my friend will go to the Paypal page and please login with your Paypal account that was previously connected to a credit card. Then you click “Agree & Continue
  • Now if the payment is successful, then we can watch Netflix for free for 1 full month.
  • So, so you don’t get billed at the end of the month, you can cancel the subscription via PayPal. This method must be done so that later the credit card balance is not automatically deducted.

Pretty easy isn’t it?

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Oh yes, good news for IndiHome users, now TelkomGroup has opened customer access to be able to watch Netflix. So, friends, IndiHome and Telkomsel users, you don’t have to worry or use a VPN anymore to watch it.

Now in addition to the method above, which is by using a one-month trial so you can watch for free, you can also choose this method, which we will discuss below. Curious in what way? let’s see right away!

Using Netflix MOD To Watch For Free

watch netflix with mod

In addition to using a trial account, there is another way to watch Netflix for free, namely by using Netflix MOD which is an easy way, although the results are not optimal, namely there are some movies that cannot be played and others. But what’s wrong if you try? Maybe the Netflix mod app has been developed even better.

How to use Netflix MOD?

  • buddy Open browser on your android phone, you can use any browser such as Chrome, UC Browser, and others.
  • If so, type the following keywords or keywords: “Download Netflix MOD Apk latest version”
  • Later there will be many websites that provide netflix MOD.
  • Later my friend can select and download the netflix MOD. If there is a netflix mod that fails or can’t, please, my friend, choose a netflix mod from another web. Just keep going until you get it.

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The final word

The discussion above is how to watch Netflix for free which we have summarized easily to be able to help you. Make sure before trying the two methods above, my friend is ready to accept the risks that we explained earlier! If you have another way to watch Netflix for free, please let us all know through the comments column below.

Ok thanks and good luck! ?

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