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How to Complete a Pre-Employment Card List at prakerja.go.id

The Pre-Employment Card is a card made by the Indonesian government in the context of training and coaching programs to have special skills. In addition to empowering, the card is also stated to be able to reduce poverty. Especially in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the unemployment rate is increasing so that the enthusiasm for Pre-Employment Card requests increases.

Now, if you want to register anew or want to register again, or if you are experiencing financial problems due to this covid-19, or also due to failing to pass in the previous wave, you can really register for pre-employment in the next wave. What are the requirements and how do I register for a Pre-Employment Card? Let’s see below!

Registration Requirements to Make a Pre-Employment Card

Please, my friend, pay attention to the conditions so that you can take part in the pre-employment card, the following are the conditions:

  • Buddy is an Indonesian citizen aka Indonesian citizen
  • You are over 18 years old or you must be at least 18 years old.
  • Buddy is not working as a state official
  • Buddy is not registered with the Members of the Regional Representatives Council
  • You are not registered as a member of the Indonesian National Police.
  • Buddy is not a village official or village head
  • You do not work as Directors, Commissioners, and Supervisory Boards in state-owned enterprises or regional-owned enterprises.

How to Register for Pre-Employment Card?

How to Register a Pre-Employment Card

Now here, my friend doesn’t need to bother registering offline if you don’t want to be complicated, even though you can also register offline through the employment office. For convenience, my friend can register online anywhere and anytime. Here’s how:

How to Register For Those Who Have Never Registered Before

  • Furthermore, if you have logged in, you can fill in your full name, e-mail and new password
  • Then please check your e-mail and follow the instructions for confirming your e-mail account.
  • Then you can enter the Pre-Employment site to fill in your personal data by logging in using the account that you just created earlier.
  • You can verify your active mobile number.
  • Later there will be a motivational and basic ability test for 15 minutes, my friend must take it.
  • If you have finished taking the test, you can wait for the notification whether you are accepted as a participant of the Pre-Employment Card wave 9 or not.

How to register for those who have previously registered but failed

Don’t worry, if you have previously registered but failed, you don’t need to bother following the initial registration process again, you just need to choose the next wave.

Now, if you have previously participated in the pre-employment card program, but you failed to pass the Pre-Employment 3 times, you can complain to the Pre-employment.

How to? You can download the statement form at the link here, and you can fill in the statement and then send it by email to membership@prakerja.go.id.

How? Pretty Easy Isn’t it?

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The final word

Please, friends, register yourself immediately to take part in this pre-employment card program, before the quota is full and the link cannot be accessed because of the full number of people who have registered. Hope it passes! Make sure you have read the way to register the Pre-Employment Card above to make it easier to register.

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