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How to close a BNI credit card in an easy and hassle-free way

Some of the Bank’s customers do take advantage of the credit card features issued by each bank, such as Mandiri bank and BNI bank. Customers use BNI credit cards for easy transactions to fulfill their daily needs. However, it is not uncommon for customers who are less than optimal to use credit cards. Instead of making it easier, customers are actually charged with interest because they are unable to pay off their bills regularly. If you no longer need a credit card for daily transactions, and you plan to close your BNI credit card, please tell me how to close your BNI credit card. Here’s the review!

how to close a BNI credit card

The first step that you can follow to close a BNI credit card is to contact BNI customer services itself. For those of you who want to consul and at the same time close the BNI credit card, please contact BNI Call at the number 1500046. Where my friend can ask for help from the bank so that a record of all unpaid bills can be issued.

Now, if the billing details are out, you can pay all bills until your credit card limit or limit returns to the way it was originally. When you have paid off everything, please contact BNI Call again to apply for closing your BNI credit card.

It should be noted that the process of closing the BNI credit card itself can only be done by the customer if all the bills have been paid by the customer. In other words, if you still have a bill, even if it’s only a few Rupiah, then the bank refuses to close the credit card. Buddy as a customer can also apply for credit card closure through BNI Call to close credit cards either temporarily or permanently.

Note: If you feel that you still need a credit card for later transactions, you can choose the option to close your BNI credit card automatically temporary or temporarily. Because if you choose the option of closing the BNI credit card permanently, then later on you will have to make a BNI credit card again from the beginning, and also the application will not necessarily be accepted by the bank, so consult with the bank first

You can also use BNI WhatsApp for consultation and find out how to close a BNI credit card. You can contact BNI via Whatsapp, you know! Well, BNI itself provides services chat via account official WhatsApp Business BNI at number 08115881946. But with a note, this Whatsapp service is still one way notification, so it’s not interactive yet.

Now the information that will be provided via WhatsApp BNI, which includes:

  • BNI service and product education
  • BNI program information
  • Transaction notification
  • BNI credit card offer
  • Billing information corporate card

How much credit is required to contact the BNI Call Center?

Several sources, such as lifepal.co.id, stated that the amount of customer calls to the call center is as follows:

  • Kartu As: IDR 1,016 per minute
  • XL: IDR 600 per minute
  • Telkomsel Simpati: IDR 1,800 per minute
  • Indosat: IDR 990 per minute
  • Smartphone: IDR 990 per minute
  • Axis: IDR 600 per minute
  • 3 (Tri): IDR 1,980 per minute

However, this policy may change over time. So make sure before contacting the BNI Call Center, you must top up a sufficient credit balance!

how to close a BNI credit card

In addition to the call center, another way to close a credit card is through the nearest BNI Bank. Therefore, if you really want to close your BNI credit card, please visit the nearest BNI bank office. Make sure before the road, my friend prepares some requirements first. As for the mandatory requirements such as identity card KTP / SIM / Passport or NPWP.

So if you are ready, go directly and take the queue number. However, due to the pandemic, it is possible that some banks will limit services and be transferred online. But to be sure, my friend can go directly to the bank and ask the security officer whether the bank serves or not.

Well, if you can and you have called the queue number, you can go directly to customer service and tell the service officer that you want to close your BNI credit card. Make sure you can also explain the right and clear reasons, for example, you feel burdened by the payment because there are financial constraints, and so on.

If the conditions for closing the BNI credit card can be accepted and have been met, and you have also paid off all the bills, then the bank officer will immediately process the credit card closing.

Note: Request and keep a proof letter. Why? because the letter of evidence is very important. Now, if the credit card closing process has been successful, please ask the customer service officer for a proof of credit card deactivation. The proof must be kept to avoid unwanted things.

how to close a BNI credit card

Here we will attach information about credit cards that we write directly through the official BNI bank website at www.bni.co.id.

Card Issuance

  1. BNI reserves the right not to process incomplete applications. The data/documents that have been submitted become the property of BNI so they will not be returned to the applicant.
  2. BNI has the authority to approve/reject applications and set credit limits for card applicants.
  3. The card issued is owned by BNI and therefore must be returned if requested by BNI.
  4. The Primary Cardholder may request the issuance of an additional card (maximum 3 additional cards) but is responsible for all charges/uses of the additional card.
  5. Each card (main or additional) is assigned a PIN and is subject to an annual fee.

Card Usage

  1. Credit Card is a means of payment for shopping transactions at merchants and/or cash withdrawals at ATMs.
  2. Cardholders are prohibited from using BNI Credit Cards for cash withdrawal transactions at merchants.
  3. The Cardholder must include his signature on the panel paper provided on the back of the Card.
  4. The Cardholder’s failure to sign a sales draft, cash withdrawal slip or form via mail order will not release the Cardholder from the obligation to use the Card.
  5. Cardholders are required to keep the Card from falling to other parties, keep the Credit Card Number, OTP (One Time Password) Code, CVV/CVC, PIN and other personal data confidential to avoid misuse of the Card.
  6. All losses and costs arising from misuse of the Card, PIN or Card loss that have not been reported to BNI either due to the Cardholder’s fault/negligence, are the responsibility of the Cardholder.

Card Validity

  1. The card is valid until the last date of the month and year stated on the card, unless it has been previously canceled/closed by BNI or at the request of the cardholder.
  2. Cards whose validity period has expired must be immediately destroyed/destroyed by the Cardholder to prevent misuse of the Card by unauthorized persons.
  3. Card Transaction
  4. Transactions are billed in Rupiah, transactions in foreign currencies will be converted into Rupiah according to the BNI exchange rate at the time the transaction was recorded.
  5. The invoiced transaction is the amount stated in the sales draft billed by the Merchant.
  6. BNI has the right to limit the use of credit or refuse transactions either temporarily or permanently in the event that:
    • There is a request from the Cardholder.
    • There are indications of card misuse, either by the Cardholder or by other parties against the card.
    • Insufficient funds available on the card.
    • There is a delay in payment for 1 (one) billing period or more.
    • The company where the Cardholder works has gone bankrupt.
  7. Transaction limit provisions using a contactless network (Contactless):
    Transaction contactless without a PIN can only be done for a maximum nominal of IDR 1,000,000 per transaction. For transactions with a nominal value of > IDR 1,000,000, the cardholder is required to enter a 6-digit PIN.

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The final word

That’s some information related to how to close a BNI credit card that we can provide for you. How? Have you decided to close it? regardless, hopefully this can be a consideration yes!

So, hopefully useful!


How to close a BNI credit card?

Customers who want to close a BNI credit card can go directly to the nearest BNI bank or through the BNI call center.

What is the BNI call center number?

You can contact him by number 1500046

Is BNI Bank Open?

During a pandemic like this, BNI bank continues to open its bank and services. It’s just that there are some policies that follow government regulations such as maintaining prokes, and some online service transfers.

How much credit is required to contact the BNI Call Center?

Each telecommunications provider has its own tariff, we describe it in full in the article.

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