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How to Check Samsung IMEI Very Easily and Completely

If you want to know how to check the IMEI number on your cellphone including Samsung, Xiaomi, Realme, Vivo, Oppo and others, you can follow the steps we explained in this tips and tricks article. But before that you have to know what the IMEI is?

Various cellphones, such as Samsung, Xiaomi, iPhone, Realme, Vivo, and others must have different IMEI serial numbers from each other. This number is like the identity of a cellphone, for more details the IMEI number according to the Director General of Resources and Equipment of Post and Information Technology (SDPPI), Ismail MT, International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) is a special identification number issued by the GSM association (GSMA) for each GSM card slot issued by the HP manufacturer.

Furthermore, because it is issued for each SIM slot, a cellphone that supports dual SIM will have two different IMEI numbers, you know! IMEI itself is also proof that the cellphone is legal to be traded. If the cellphone doesn’t have an IMEI serial number, get ready for a lot of problems. Moreover, this year, the government has implemented a blocking on fake cellphones, aka those that do not have an IMEI number or are traded on the black market.

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How to Check IMEI on Samsung Mobile

From the explanation above, friends, don’t worry, we will review how to find out the IMEI on your Samsung branded cellphone. Curious? Keep on listening!

samsung imei check
picture of the settings menu on the Samsung phone

Well, the first way is to check the settings in the menu of your Samsung cellphone. How to?

  • The first step, my friend, please open the menu Settings or settingss on your Samsung phone.
  • If you have, my friend is looking for a menu About Phone or if in Indonesian it is About Phone
  • Now, two different IMEI numbers will appear if your cellphone supports dual SIM

2. Check Samsung IMEI With Code

In addition to the above method, we have another way to check the IMEI number on your Samsung mobile by using a dial up code, how do you do that?

how to check Samsung IMEI with dial up
  • The first step, please, my friend, open the menu phone call / call
  • If you have, my friend, press the code *#06#
  • Then press the button call (Call)
  • Well, later the IMEI number information will automatically appear on the screen of your Samsung cellphone!

3. Check IMEI on the cell phone box

In addition to the two methods above, you also need to check the Samsung IMEI number or even other cellphones such as Relame, Vivo, Oppo, Nokia, ASUS and others on the cellphone box. Usually the IMEI number can be seen on the side or bottom of the box, or on the inside of the box. Please, my friends, find out for yourself!

Check Mobile Information With IMEI on the Website

If you already know your friend’s IMEI number, it’s a good idea for you to also need to know information about your cellphone which can be found via the IMEI info web. Curious? Check out the method below!

how to check Samsung IMEI through the website

To find out cellphone information, my friend can follow the method below, namely:

  • First of all, please visit the site imei.info
  • If so, enter your mobile IMEI number in the search bar.
  • If you have written down the IMEI number of your cellphone, then please fill in the Captcha and click the “Check“.
  • Now, my friend has to wait a few seconds, the IMEI number information will appear which contains the model, manufacture company, year of release, to hardware specifications.

The final word

Maybe the discussion above is how to find out the imei number on a Samsung cellphone or from the method above which through settings can also be done on cellphones with other brands such as Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi, Realme, Nokia even for ASUS which we have summarized for all of you who want to know your cellphone is legal or not. For that, good luck and I hope the above method can be easily understood, my friend!

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