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How to Check the Results of the CPNS Administration Selection and the Complete Stages

Friends, AndroidPhones must be waiting for the results of the selection from the CPNS, right? So, if you are one of the participants who are waiting for the results, here we will try to explain how to check the results of the CPNS administration selection, so that you are not curious.

How to check the results of the CPNS registration administration

  1. Open the SSCASN Website

    Buddy open the website at the address https://sscasn.bkn.go.id/ and login, the menu is in the upper right corner

  2. Prepare NIK (KTP)

    To login, you also need a NIK KTP and password, so don’t forget it. Then click Enter

  3. Check Message

    CPNS 2021 participants who pass the administrative stage will receive a message stating the results of the selection.

  4. Download Exam Card

    If the administrative selection has been obtained, then my friend downloads the exam card to pass the next stage of selection.

2021 CPNS Selection Stages

How to Check the Results of the CPNS Administration Selection
civil servant illustration

The initial stage to take part in CPNS vacancies is administrative selection, but you already know how many stages there are until you can graduate and be declared an ASN? So, the following are the stages of the 2021 CPNS selection.

Administration Selection

First, the initial stage is to follow the administrative selection, complete the documents that you upload to the sscn.bkn.go.id website page. So here, my friend, try to upload all the requested documents.

Basic Competency Selection

So, if you have successfully passed the administrative selection, you will immediately enter the basic competency selection stage. Don’t forget to print the exam card.

At this stage, my friend will do a test using Computer Assisted Test (CAT), and test materials include a national insight test, general intelligence test and personal characteristics test. To pass this stage, you must get a score above the threshold for each material.

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Field Competency Selection

If the basic competencies have been successfully passed, then you will enter the field competency selection stage. Here there are several tests that will be carried out including psychological tests, interviews and skills tests for several positions.

You need to know that the integration of values ​​from basic and field competencies is for basic competencies of 40%, while field competencies are 60%.

If you have passed all the selection stages, you just have to wait for the graduation announcement to be announced on the website of each ministry or agency.

And if you have passed, the next step is the filing of documents in which you are required to complete the requested documents such as:

  • Police certificate
  • Statement Letter is not bound by other agencies
  • Affidavit of not being involved in a political party
  • Statement letter willing to be placed anywhere
  • Health Certificate from Government Hospital
  • Drug-free statement

The final word

That was just information on how to check the results of the CPNS administrative selection, hopefully those of you who follow it will be facilitated in carrying out the selection and passing into a clean ASN.

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