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How to Check NPWP Activeness Online Easily!

Buddy are looking to find out whether your NPWP is still active or not online? If so, this article is really the answer!

For workers, NPWP is important. Because everyone who already has income, is required to have a Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP). NPWP is needed for work matters, business affairs, transaction matters, and so on.

But what happens if your NPWP turns out to be inactive? Hm maybe my friend needs to double check from now on so that later things don’t happen that are not cool. How to? Check out the article on how to check NPWP online until it’s finished!

Method Check NPWP Online Activeness via Application

Check the NPWP Online activity

The first way to check your NPWP online is to check the activity of your NPWP, by using an application called DGT. The DGT application is an official government application created to help the community with work matters. How to?

  • First, friends, please download the DJP E-Filling application via the google play store, or you can also click the link here!
  • If it is installed, you can enter the DGT application.
  • Next, a login page will appear, here you can log in using the same account when you registered on the website.
  • Here buddy please open dashboard already available on the application page.
  • Buddy can check whether the TIN number and other identities are written there. If it is not written, it means that your TIN number is not active or inactive. Conversely, if it is written, it means that your NPWP is active.

If you already know that your NPWP is inactive, you can go to the tax office to ask for confirmation and reactivate your NPWP.

How? Easy isn’t it?

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Check NPWP Activeness Through Website

Check the NPWP activity online through the website

In addition to checking the NPWP activity through the application, you can also easily find out through the official government tax website. How to?

  • First, open the browser on your cellphone or laptop. then visit the site ereg.pajak.go.id
  • Later, you will enter the site page, where there is a column to fill in the TIN. Friends, please fill in the TIN column completely and correctly. Then click the Login button.
  • Wait until the process is complete.
  • If your NPWP number is still active, other numbers and identities will appear automatically. However, if the identity does not appear or is not listed, it means that your TIN has not been or is not active.

If you already know that your NPWP is inactive, you can go to the tax office to ask for confirmation and reactivate your NPWP.

Check NPWP Activeness Through Tax Official Call Center

NPWP online call center

The last way to find out the activity of your NPWP is to check through the tax call center with the name Tax Ring. The number is 1500200.

You can call this phone number at any time! Because the tax call center itself is a 24-hour service.

A little information, that this official call center or Tax Kring has been released since 2012. You don’t have to worry about its security. What is certain is that this guarantees the security and confidentiality of customer data with tax operators.

How? Easy is not the three ways above?

The final word

The discussion above is 3 ways to find out the activity of your NPWP easily and quickly which is done online. Please, my friend, check from now on, so that later it won’t be complicated and won’t interfere with your work or business. good luck! ?

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