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How to Check KTP Online Via the Internet

Many people want to know how to check ID cards online using the internet, for that we will describe it in full for you.

Usually, to check your ID card quickly, easily and for free, you usually have to go to the Civil Registration Office, or the nearest one can visit the kelurahan where your friend is registered as a resident.

For example, in the JABODETABEK area, there are several Disdukcapil Jakarta such as North Jakarta Disdukcapil, West Jakarta Disdukcapil, Central Jakarta Disdukcapil, East Jakarta Disdukcapil, South Jakarta Disdukcapil and Bogor Regency Disdukcapil.

In addition to ID cards, the Disdukcapil office also provides various other services such as family cards, birth certificates and others. KTP is a valid card to show the original identity that has been recorded by the state. So that ID cards must be carried anytime and anywhere. You can check Indonesian ID cards to validate someone’s identity through the online ID card check application or check Indonesian online ID cards via a browser.

Definition and Functions of Identity Card (KTP)

ktp check app
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Before using ktp check app, you need to know what an ID card is and its function. The ID card must always be in the wallet. The Indonesian government now no longer issues ID cards, all residents are required to switch to using an e-KTP which is easier and more durable. E-KTP or Electronic Identity Card is an identity card based on national population data. You can check your e-KTP for certain purposes. While the functions of e-KTP include:

Identity card

You can be recognized anywhere with an identity card, namely an e-KTP. To find out the truth of a person’s identity, it can also be done through the most accurate ID card check application. Through the e-KTP check application, you can find out whether someone is falsifying their identity or not. Download the KTP check application for PC and Android to be able to check easily and quickly.

Bank Account Opening

To open a new bank account, one of the documents required for identity validation is an e-KTP. If you don’t have an e-KTP, you can register an online ID card according to the respective regional government sites.

Permission Management

Regarding any permit processing, you need an e-KTP as proof of original identity. To make sure the data entered is correct, you can check using the ID card application.

Loan Guarantee

Every lending agency certainly does not want to be cheated or lose. So usually the main requirement is an ID card. The company can check the original identity through the original ktp check application to ensure the borrower’s data.

What Can Be Managed at Disdukcapil?

Lazy to queue at the Disdukcapil office to check ID cards? Use the latest and accurate ktp check apps, download the ktp check app now. Disdukcapil offices exist in every city or district throughout Indonesia. The task of the Disdukcapil is to record civil registration documents for all Indonesian people. But what kind of documents can be handled at the Disdukcapil office?

Electronic Identity Card

The government has appealed to all Indonesian people to replace ordinary ID cards with electronic ID cards. Although there are applications for ID cards issued by local governments, the creation of e-KTPs is still done on the Dukcapil website, Ministry of Home Affairs, for ID cards checks or at the local Disdukcapil office based on national population data. Local governments can also issue special KTP apps to check ID cards online, one of which is:

  • Check Jakarta ID card online
  • Check ktp online Bekasi
  • Check ID card online Depok
  • Check Surabaya ID card online
  • Check ID card online Medan
  • Check Tangerang online ID card
  • Check ID card online Bandung
  • Check ID card online Bogor

In addition, ID cards can also be checked from all cities in Indonesia. However, both in the application and via the internet, you cannot check the name of the biological mother from the ID card because the information is very vital and should only be known by the person concerned.

Family card

Apart from e-KTP, another important document that every family must have is the Family Card (KK). The data in the KK and KTP must be the same. You can check your KK data via the application or via the internet. All KK data from all over Indonesia can be checked, including:

  • Check KK online Jakarta
  • Check KK online West Java
  • Check KK online Central Java
  • Check KK online East Java
  • Check KK online Padang
  • Check Bali’s online family card, etc.
  • Death Certificate

You can visit the Disdukcapil Semarang to take care of a death certificate. In addition to births, deaths must also be reported to the state. This is in order to update other national data and as a basis for determining government policies.

In addition to these documents, other documents that can be handled at the Batam Disdukcapil office include data synchronization (BPJS, Banks, etc.), arrivals or departures.

Previously, we have provided information on how to check the Online Family Card, this will greatly simplify the administrative process.

Identity Documents Every Indonesian Child Must Have

If residents over 17 years old are required to have an ID card that can be checked through the KTP check application, then minors must also have an identity card. One of them is a birth certificate. Every birth of a baby must be issued a birth certificate immediately.

Even if it has passed 60 days after birth, then you can be fined in making a birth certificate. This birth certificate is important to include KK data and the MCH database. Minors are required to have a KIA as an identity card. You can take care of it at the sub-district office or at the nearest Disdukcapil, including the Bekasi Disdukcapil which is located at Jl. Ir. H. Juanda, Margahayu, East Bekasi, West Java.

How to Check KTP Online

Ease of access to technology and information demands that everything is fast and instant, including an application for checking ID cards that can be used without wasting time and energy. One of the online ID card applications is Check KTP (Free).

This application can be downloaded for free on the Play Store with a size of 3 MB. How to check Indonesia’s online ID card through this application, simply fill in your ID card number, then you can see complete information such as full name, gender and full address. In addition to your ID card, you can also check the NPWP apk by downloading it for free, easily and quickly on the internet.

However, using the ID card check application turns out to be at risk of being misused. The way to view ID cards on the Internet more securely is by visiting the official website http://dukcapil.kemendagri.go.id/. You can also check your ID & NIK online at the regional Disdukcapil site such as Jakarta’s online nik check.

However, not all local governments have an official website for checking Android e-KTP. So you have to be careful in entering the ID card number data in the application. There is no way to search for ID cards by name, because ID cards contain a unique number that is different for each person even though the names are similar.

Currently there is an Android e-KTP reader that can be downloaded for free on the Play Store, but you need to look at the review and validity of the data used by the application. Because not all e-KTP applications are valid, instead of getting information, your data can be misused by irresponsible parties.

Although easy access is provided through the ID card check application or the nik check application, you must be wise in using it.

Other Ways to Check KTP Via the Internet

If it is no longer possible to check the ID card through the site above, is there another way to check? The answer is yes. You can still check via the internet via Whatsapp, SMS, and Social Media.

For details of each of the three ways to check ID cards via the internet above, I will explain in the continuation of the article below.

Check KTP Via Whatsapp

How to check ID cards via Whatsapp is very easy to do. You only need to send a message to the WA number 0813-2691-2479. The delivery format is NIK/kelurahan/sub-district/district/city. Later there will be direct information related to your ID card.

Check KTP Via SMS

Another way that you can also do to check your ID card is by using SMS. How to do it is very easy, you only need to send an SMS with the format Cek#KTP#NIK to number 0815-3636-9999. Later information will be provided regarding your ID card.

Check KTP Via Social Media

To check via social media, you only need to send a message to the official Disdukcapil Twitter or Facebook account using the NIK format #Full Name#Family Card Number#Phone Number#Complaint.

Tips for Checking Original or Fake KTP

Nowadays we have to be more careful with any documents, including personal documents, namely ID cards. Because there are some cases where ID cards can be faked for purposes that can harm many people. For that, my friend must know how to check Original or Fake KTP, indeed to find out is easy and difficult, but basically we need to know to be more vigilant.

Check Original KTP With E-KTP Reader

Because the ID cards we have now are electronic and have a chip inside, the easiest step is to use a tool called the E-KTP Reader, of course you must have this tool. This E-KTP Reader functions to read the data on the chip in the stored ID card and verify whether the ID card belongs to the person concerned or not.

Use the KTP Check Application

Because using the Reader tool is quite a budget and not everyone can have it, the easiest and free way, my friend can use the most accurate ID card check application. Actually, there are many applications on the Google PlayStore that offer the ability to check ID cards accurately, but this method is a bit risky with data theft, because most applications that offer being able to check ID cards are made by private individuals, not government-related agencies, so we recommend that you using the services of Dukcapil.

Check KTP with Ultraviolet Light Detector

Not only money can be detected for its authenticity with Ultraviolet Rays, because to check original or fake ID cards, you can also use the same detection tool. The trick is to emit light into the ID card and check whether the hologram on the ID card appears or not, if it doesn’t appear, it can be ascertained that it is a fake ID card. In addition to the hologram, you can also identify it by its color and the presence of the chip will determine that the ID card is genuine.

Check KTP Color Brightness

The easiest way to identify it is from the color, suspect if the ID card has a faded or blurry color, as much as possible compare it with other ID cards that have been proven to be genuine. If you find a suspicious ID card color, you must suspect it.

Check Nik and Date of Birth

The easiest way, you can directly check the NIK on the ID card you want to check. Check the Nik through the official dukcapil website and check whether the Nik matches the name and date of birth listed on the ID card or not.

The final word

That is some information on how to check your KTP online via the application and the internet through the official Dukcapil website. You can also try tips on how to find out a genuine or fake ID card, but keep in mind that there are many crimes of forging a real ID card so that a fake ID really looks like the original without being able to distinguish it, so stay alert.

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