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How to Check Internet Speed ​​on Android and PC Without Application

How to Check Internet Speed – The internet seems to be integrated with our lives, the internet helps a lot in the work that is in our lives. Of course, with fast internet, activities in cyberspace are also easier and more comfortable to continue surfing.

But sometimes our internet speed becomes unstable or tends to slow down, whether it’s when we use wifi or use our own data quota.

It makes us curious and a little uncomfortable, so we’re here to help you tell How to Check Internet Speed ​​On Android And PC. Without further ado, let’s discuss

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How to Check Internet Speed ​​Using Google Fiber Speed ​​Test

how to check internet speed

Google Fiber Speed ​​Test is a site to see the best internet speed from Google. One of the leading speed test providers in the world. While fiber optics are known to offer some of the fastest speeds. Most people rely on a wireless connection to power their internet connection.

Even though it was designed with Google Fiber in mind, the Google Fiber Speed ​​Test itself can be used to implement any internet speed test. The interface/UI of Google Fiber Speed ​​Test is clean and minimalistic, something users expect from Google. Also Free from messy ads.

Here Google also offers links to learn more about speed testing in general, what affects speed, and how to increase internet speed.

As for how to check internet speed using Google Fiber, namely:

Very easy isn’t it?

The advantage of Google Fiber Test itself is a simple interface / UI that makes it easy for users, free from annoying ads, and most importantly free. Just try it!

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How to Check Internet Speed ​​Using Online Speedtest by Ookla

how to check internet speed

Ookla is the original provider of sites to view free internet speed online. As a global leader in internet speed testing, users can trust Ookla to provide accurate results measuring network performance and diagnostics. With the click of a button, users can take advantage of Ookla’s free service for the most unbiased information about their real-time internet speed.

What’s most interesting about Ookla’s Speedtest is that it offers users the opportunity to choose a test server anywhere in the world. Although Ookla will automatically pair you with a regional service. You can choose your own by clicking on the ‘Change Server’ link and entering a search in the search bar.

As for how to check internet speed using Ookla, namely:

  • First Open or visit the website https://www.speedtest.net/
    • Next Click the button GO
    • Then wait until the internet speed test process is complete

Ookla also has the advantage of being able to select servers, beautiful display / UI, also Free! Just try it!

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How to Check Internet Speed ​​Using Speedof.me

how to check internet speed

Speedof.me is a site for Internet speed test with HTML5 designed for most operating systems and optimized for mobile devices. Speedof.me offers a useful program to test your internet download and upload speeds, visualizing the results in color graphs in real time.

If you want to do some speed tests from time to time, Speedof.me includes a history graph to help you compare previous results. This can be useful for running speed diagnostics related to potential throttling or rush hour. Since providers can sometimes be overwhelmed by popular usage, Speedof.me can help you pinpoint the time when your internet connection is strongest.

As for how to check internet speed using Speedof.me, namely:

  • First visit the website https://speedof.me/
    • Then Click ACCEPT the one on the top right
    • Wait until your internet speed test process is complete
  • Easy isn’t it?

Speedof.me also has advantages, namely a cool and informative display, free of charge, and data visualization that makes the user’s eyes comfortable. Let’s just try it!

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Nowadays, we are all given convenience, so take advantage of it and don’t waste it! From the above method is quite simple and easy is not it?

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