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How to Check Family Card Number (KK) Online Easily and Quickly!

Buddy forgot the family card number? Or my friend is being asked for a family card number but my friend forgot where to put the file? Very fitting! This article is the answer. Because we will discuss how to find a KK number check online easily and quickly.

Well, before that, you need to know, the KK number or family card is a very important number that you have to remember or save. The KK number is so important because it becomes the population identity number of our family who lives in this republic of Indonesia. The KK number itself is often needed, such as to make an ID card, driver’s license, for mobile phone card registration, and the like. Therefore, you should keep your family card in a safe place so that it is not lost or damaged.

Okay, if you can’t wait, please see the discussion below!

How to Check KK Number Online

1. Through the Government’s Official Website

look up family card number online

The first way to check your family card number online is through the official website Department of Population and Civil Registration (Disdukcapil). Curious?

Here’s how:

  • First, please open the browser on your cellphone or laptop.
  • After that, it will appear Enter the Population Identification Number (NIK) of the e-KTP in the form on the page. Please, my friend, enter your KTP / NIK number.
  • If your NIK is already registered in the database, your complete data will appear including your KK number.

Update Check KK Online Through the Website

Because many people ask about the form in the method above, for that we provide an update on the latest way to find out the family card number online, here’s the newest method;

  1. First visit the page to enter the Dukcapil online service at the link https://jasaonline.dukcapil.kemendagri.go.id/ ,
  2. The next stage, you are required to create an account by entering your number WL ever registered, password, and contents captcha displayed,
  3. For those who have never registered, please enter the register menu and fill out the registration form provided
  4. When it’s finished, you just go to the start menu and enter the NIK e-KTP in the column that is already available,
  5. And your family card data will appear in full there.

Apart from going through a site owned by the central government, some local governments also provide services on how to check your own online family card that you can use.

In addition, the local government also provides a website service to check KK online, here is a list of regions and links that we currently know about;

  • Bandung – https://disdukcapil.bandung.go.id/cari-biodata
  • Batam – https://disdukcapilbisa.batam.go.id/check/nokk
  • West Kalimantan – https://dukcapil.kalbarprov.go.id/cek-kk
  • Sragen – http://dukcapil.sragenkab.go.id/information/cek_kk
  • Tangerang – https://disdukcapil.tangerangkota.go.id/ceknik/
  • Tegal – https://disdukcapil.tegalkab.go.id/information/cek_kk

If you know other regional service links, please add them in the comments.

2. Check Family Card Number Online Via E-mail

Check Family Card Number Online Via E-mail

Well this is one of the easiest ways apart from the website. That is, my friend can check through E-mail. How to?

You can directly send a request by including your e-KTP number to the email address: callcenter.dukcapil@gmail.com.

But indeed this method is less efficient if you need the number suddenly or quickly. Because my friend must be patient waiting for a reply from Dukcakpil first. But this method is quite safe and easy! Please, friends, try it!

3. Check KK Number Through Social Media

forgot kk number

Now the next easy way to check the Family Card number online is through government-owned social media, specifically Dukcakpil. You can search for Halo Dukcapil Facebook and Twitter accounts with the username @ccdukcapil.

So, so that your data’s security and privacy are maintained, please send a request for an online family card check via the feature Direct Message (DM). later the admin will reply with the information you asked for.

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4. Check Family Card Number Through Official Call Center

Check Family Card Number Through Official Call Center

Now the next way to find out the Family Card number is that you can contact the Halo Dukcapil Call Center by making a call to hotline on number 1500-537 Director General of Dukcapil, Ministry of Home Affairs. Well of course, this method is faster than the other methods.

In addition, my friend asked for more details if there were problems encountered. Before that, make sure you have prepared your NIK and KK number so that the officer can confirm the data asked quickly!

5. Check KK Number Via Whatsapp

Check KK Number Via Whatsapp

Now the last way that we can share with friends is to check the KK number via Whatsapp to the government’s official number. To be able to check it, you can send a message with the format:

Full name according to KTP, NIK, kelurahan/district/regency/city

Later you can send it to the WhatsApp number 0813-2691-2479. Done, my friend just needs to wait for a reply from the admin.

The final word

It’s very easy, isn’t it the five ways to check the family card number online above? You can choose freely which way you want to use. Okay, please try it! And make sure you don’t forget the Family Card / NIK number because that number is very important! ?

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