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How to Change Free Fire Server

How to Change Free Fire Server – For fans of online games, they must be very familiar with the Free Fire game. This is a Battle Royale game consisting of 50 players who both have to survive on an island. The winner of this game is the one who survives and becomes the last person alive.

In the Free Fire game, friends and opponents that gamers meet are arranged based on the server used. But sometimes, playing on one server feels a little boring, because you often find friends or opponents with familiar playing criteria and techniques. Therefore, it is not uncommon for players to try to change servers, in order to get the sensation of playing and new opponents. Unfortunately, not everyone understands and understands how to change servers in the free fire game, that’s why this article will explain in detail how to change the Free Fire server.

Can Changing Servers Be Done in Free Fire Games?

How to Change Free Fire Server

Before knowing more information about how to change the Free Fire server, it would be nice for gamers to know in advance whether FF games can change servers? Especially for old players who have played and had an account before.

Basically the Free Fire game server is set up when gamers first register. Usually, the new account that is registered will be automatically entered into the server region of the country where it is registered. At this initial registration, gamers can change servers and choose which region they want to use.

However, for gamers who already have an account and have registered to a server, gamers can no longer change servers, because one special server is only for one account. So if you gamers want to change servers, then you gamers need to register a new account.

However, there is a special event that allows an account to switch servers even though the account is already registered. However, the incident in this case occurred when Garena itself allowed the account to move servers. Under certain conditions, this can only happen when gamers join a tournament at an international level.

Apart from that, until now there has been no way to change servers for old accounts. Maybe later Garena will provide an update and leeway for players to be able to change servers, both for new accounts and old accounts.

How to Change Server for New Free Fire Account

Although it is possible for a new account to change servers, there are some things that gamers should know when they want to change servers on a new account. As explained above, the new Free Fire account will be automatically entered into the server region of the nearest country where you register. So, even though you gamers register a new account, there is still no option to choose the server to use.

Because that’s the only way gamers can change the server, is by registering a new account using a VPN. In using this method, there are several steps and ways that gamers must do to be able to change the Free Fire server. Here are the steps:

Downloading the VPN App

The first step that gamers have to do in changing the new Free Fire account server is to download the VPN application. Buddy gamers can use a VPN application that you feel is good and reliable. Basically, this VPN application has been widely circulated and can be downloaded for free both on the Play Store and on other websites.

Deleting Free Fire Data

If your game buddy has successfully downloaded the VPN, then the next step you have to do is delete the existing Free Fire data. In deleting this data, gamers can do two ways, namely installing and re-downloading the Free Fire game or researching data on the Free Fire game that is already on your cellphone.

To delete Free Fire data, gamers can do it by clicking suit, next application, then search for the Free Fire game and click delete data and delete cache. Thus, the account data that has been read by your mobile gamers’ device has been removed. So, when you open Free Fire, gamers will be asked to register or re-enter the account.

If you have successfully performed the two steps above, then you gamers can proceed to the next step in changing the Free Fire server. Here are the steps for changing the Free Fire server for a new account:

  1. Open the VPN application that gamers friends downloaded earlier. In this application, please select the region that you want to use in the Free Fire game. Make sure that the region provides Free Fire games so that gamers can use the server.
  2. If it’s finished, the next step, please, gamers friends, open the free fire game without closing the VPN. If you are already logged in, then register a new account like the usual procedure that gamers do.
  3. When you finish registering, your Free Fire account will automatically be registered to the server of the selected country earlier.
  4. Furthermore, gamers friends can already play using the new server.

How to Change Server for Old Free Fire Account

Basically, the replacement of the Free Fire server for the old account is not provided. Gamers can try to volunteer to change the Free Fire server on the old account. In doing this, gamers friends can immediately ask Garena CS for help at the https://support.garena.co.id/freefire link

But from the many experiences that have tried, this is still very difficult because Garena rarely responds to this request. In fact, until now no one has disclosed their success in requesting a server change to CS Garena.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Changing Free Fire Server

Because many people want to change the Free Fire server, it’s important for gamers to know the advantages and disadvantages. In terms of advantages, changing the Free Fire server has the advantage of being able to enjoy events that do not exist on other servers. Because basically each server applies different events according to the characteristics of each country.

However, there are some disadvantages when gamers do and change accounts to other servers. The first loss that you gamers will feel is that you can’t usually return to your own country’s region. In addition, fellow gamers will also not be able to enjoy events from their own country servers. So, you gamers will potentially lose exclusive prizes at special events from the region of your own country.

But regardless of the advantages and disadvantages of changing the server, it still goes back to the hands of the gamers themselves. Because by changing servers, gamers friends will have different accounts with friends who hang out and that is a cool thing.

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