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How to Change Email Name and Profile Picture Very Easily

Have a problem with the name on your email? In this discussion, we will discuss how to change your email name and profile picture very easily.

Email or those who usually use Gmail services, are important things that people can say must have at this time. Gmail itself initially functioned as a medium for exchanging formal messages whose concept was like correspondence. But with the development of technology, gmail increasingly has many functions, such as being able to log into other platforms with a gmail account, link game accounts, link social media accounts, and the like.

Now in email or gmail itself, it’s not only the email address that becomes the user’s identity, but the user’s own name that becomes the identity. Well, if at the beginning of creating gmail, you put your name incomplete, you can change or complete your email name to make it more formal and show your true identity. How to? Read on below!

How to Change Email Name Easily!

how to change email name
Photo by Torsten Dettlaff on Pexels.com
  • First, buddy, please open your cellphone.
  • Next you can open the gmail application on your cellphone. if it hasn’t been updated, make sure to update it first!
  • Now in the Gmail window, you can click the three line icon or the menu icon in the upper left corner of the cellphone screen.
how to change email name
  • Here there are many menus found, my friend can scroll down and my friend can select or click the menu “Settings”.
how to change email name
  • Here there is an account on your cellphone, please select the account you want to rename.
how to change email name
  • If it is already, you will enter your account window. To enter the profile window, you can select “Manage your google account”
how to change email name
  • Well, my friend has entered my profile window. Then select to personal informationFriend, you can see here information about your profile, starting from your photo, name, date of birth, and so on. To change the name, you can click your name on the screen.
how to change email name
  • Yup, here you can change the name as you like.
how to change email name
  • Click save to save.
  • Finished! Your email name has been changed!

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Changing Email Photo (Gmail)

If you also want to change or change your email profile photo, you can really follow the method above. The steps are the same, but when you enter the profile edit window, you only need to press your profile photo and please select the photo in the gallery that you want to use to change the email profile photo.

Yup, your profile picture has been changed!

The final word

How easy are the steps above for how to change your email name and email profile photo? Please, my friend, follow. If you have friends or relatives who need information about this too, you can really share this article! ?

If there is something you want to ask, please submit it in the comments column below, OK! Good luck! ?

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