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How to Buy Telkomsel Active Period Easily and Smoothly

It turns out that we can only buy Telkomsel’s active period using the available credit.

Who here was just sent a grace period warning SMS by Telkomsel? If so, then your card must be extended! Each Telkomsel number that you use has a time called an active period or grace period, meaning that the Telkomsel card has a validity period so that it can still be used by customers, the active period will increase automatically if the customer reloads credit.

The number of active periods that will be added is in accordance with the nominal pulse that is topped up, the greater the number of pulses that are filled in to the Telkomsel number, the longer the active period that will be added. How many days does the active period add up if you buy credit?

Here’s the list:

RechargingActive period
IDR 5,000,-7 days
IDR 10,000,-15 Days
IDR 15.000,-20 Days
IDR 20,000,-30 days
IDR 25.000,-30 days
IDR 50.000,-45 Days
IDR 100,000,-60 Days
IDR 150.000,-120 Days
IDR 200,000,-150 Days
IDR 300,000,-180 Days
IDR 500,000,-240 Days
IDR 1.000.000,-330 Days

How to Buy Telkomsel Active Period

Extend Telkomsel Card Active Period
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So, the active period of the card depends on the purchase of credit. But sometimes many people do not pay attention to the active period of the card, because now they are used to internet packages. Yet knowing the active period is important.

But the good news is that when the active period of the Telkomsel card ends, your number will not be immediately forfeited (blocked), here you have the opportunity for 30 days to immediately increase the active period so that your Telkomsel card can still be used as usual. During the grace period, your Telkomsel card cannot be used to make calls, send SMS, and access internet data.

Therefore, we will share how to extend a Telkomsel card. Immediately without lingering see below!

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But before that, what if your Telkomsel grace period ends?

If the 30-day suspension period to extend the active period is not extended, then Telkomsel has a policy in which you can still activate and reuse your Telkomsel card with the same number, as long as the number is not more than 15 days from the end of the grace period.

Here you can still activate your Telkomsel card, but your subscription status will be migrated to kartuHalo, not a prepaid card.

How to Extend Simpati Telkomsel Active Period?

Now for those of you who want to extend the active period, then you can make purchases of the active period using the available credit, including the following:

  • First, my friend, please open the Call menu, then call to *999#
buy telkomsel active period
  • After that, there are menus to choose from. Please, my friend, choose a number 5 (other packages)
  • Then please select number 8 (Other services)
extend the active period of sympathy
  • Next buddy choose number 7 (Others)
  • If you have, my friend choose number 3 (Active Period Package)
how to extend the active period of telkomsel
  • Now, here are several package options, please, friends, choose the package you want (There are 3 choices of active period packages, 7 days active period available at a cost of Rp. 5000, 30 days active package available at a cost of Rp. 15,000 and an active period package of 90 days at a cost of Rp. fee of Rp. 30,000).
how to buy telkomsel active period
  • After that, a confirmation of the purchase of the package will appear on the screen. Please, my friend, choose 1. Yes to confirm the purchase.
  • Wait until you are SMS by Telkomsel

Very easy isn’t it?

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The final word

Well, the discussion above is an easy way to extend the active period of a Telkomsel card that you can follow. Make sure not to let your card pass the grace period, and always pay attention to the active period of the card, it’s a shame that your number, which is already known to many people, is not active to be contacted.

Okay, until here first, good luck! ?

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