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How to Boom Instagram Likes and Comments Very Easily

Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms in the world. This social media has many users spread all over the world. Instagram so in demand because the features offered are very sophisticated and can help users, not only for fun, now Instagram is also widely used for business and other work matters.

Likes and comments are some of the features offered by the various features available on Instagram. Like itself functions how many people like the post, and comments themselves function as “Comments” on the post. Likes and comments are in the form of numbers and can be counted or viewed. Many likes and comments can ‘determine’ the popularity of a post. Who doesn’t want to get lots of likes and comments? If you want to get lots of likes and comments on Instagram, you can check the discussion below. Let’s see!

How to Bot / Boom Instagram Likes and Comments

Using the FollowersGratis.co.id site

How to Bot / Boom Instagram Likes and Comments

Actually there are so many applications or websites to increase likes and comments on Instagram or commonly called boom like Instagram apk, but almost some of the features offered are paid. Well here we will share some free ways. How to?

  • First, please, my friend, open the browser on your laptop / PC or cellphone, then you can go to FollowerGratis.co.id this.
  • Later my friend will enter the initial view as above.
  • You can click the button “Enter” in the upper right corner.
  • Then you can directly login by using your Instagram account.
  • If you have successfully logged in, there are many options and features. Buddy is offered starting from adding likes, adding followers, adding comments, and adding views. Cool?

Here you can also see how many followers, following, and the number of posts.

  • So if you want to add likes, you can click on the button “+ Likes”. Here the average friend will get 2 to 7 likes in 1 post. Although relatively small, but my friend can do it repeatedly.
  • To add likes to your posts, you can select one of the posts that you want to add likes by pressing the green button that says +Likes to the right of the post.
  • Here my friend has to wait a while, yup my friend will get likes on the post.

But you need to know, the features on this site can only be used as much as possible Once in 30 minutes or Half an hour just. So friends, please be patient if you want to use it again or use other features.

Notes: so that the bot like and comment method works, your Instagram account must be non-private, aka don’t lock it. Because if it is private or padlocked, the method here will not work.

This site has become one of the Instagram likes and comments bomb applications, because there are features there. But keep in mind as explained, you have to wait 30 minutes to be able to use other features or the comments feature.

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Using the Like Followers For Instagram Application (Like Followers For Instagram)

How to Bot / Boom Instagram Likes and Comments
Bomb Likes and Comments Instagram Apk

This Instagram like and comment bomb application has a very light size of 5.5 Mb, this is an application that is quite in demand and sought after by many people, because this application is quite easy to use and includes “Worth It”. So how?

  • First, please, my friend, open your android phone, then you can open the Play Store, and enter the keyword “Like Follower For Instagram” in the search bar or you can click here!.
  • Later the application will appear at the top, my friend can download and wait until the installation process is complete.
  • If it has been installed, you can open the application and log in using your Instagram account.
  • Now on the main page, you will get a way to follow and like other people’s posts.
How to Bot / Boom Instagram Likes and Comments
  • If you have collected a lot of coins, you can exchange followers and likes.

Paid features are provided here, where you don’t need to complicatedly follow missions or rules to get likes or followers. By paying, my friend will automatically get coins and can immediately exchange them for likes and followers.

How? Easy Not the methods above?

But you need to know the risks if you use Boom likes and comments for Instagram:

  1. Likes and Comments are bots or robots, so likes and comments are not really done by people. so don’t be surprised if the comments are in a foreign language that is less clear.
  2. Security Issues. We can’t guarantee that your Instagram account will be 100% secure. Because this method is an illegal method that can be infiltrated by viruses, spies, or the like. So we recommend that you use an account that is not the main account.
  3. Potential to be hacked. Using this can also potentially have your account hacked. So as we said, we recommend not using the main account, and stay cautious.

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The final word

If you already understand how to boom Instagram likes and comments and the risks, please try it, buddy step by step-his. Good luck and good luck! ?

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