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How to Block Game Ads on iPhone Using Apps

How to Block Game Ads on iPhone – iPhone is one of the mobile phone brands that is quite popular and has its own name that is able to compete with dozens of other brands. The price of iPhone phones in the market is not cheap and because of that this phone seems exclusive. You can use this phone for various purposes. One of them is online games.

Sometimes when playing online games we are often disturbed by advertisements that suddenly appear and disturb our enjoyment of playing games. This ad does not look at the brand of the cellphone, even the iPhone cell phone is not free from advertisements when playing online games. But calm down, we will provide a solution and How to Block Game Ads on iPhone in the explanation of the article below.

1. AdAway App

The first application that you can use to get rid of annoying ads on iPhone brand phones while playing online games is the AdAway application. You can download this application for free and it has a fairly light file size, which is only about 5 Mb. By using this AdAway application, you will no longer be disturbed by the appearance of these sick pop up ads.

The working system of this AdAway application is to block ads by using a host file that is obtained from a third party. So, you have to download the hosts file first so that the AdAway application can be effective in blocking all ads that have the potential to interfere with your performance and enjoyment when playing online games.

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2. Adblock Plus Application

The next application that you can use to block annoying ads when you are busy playing online games is an application called Adblock Plus. You can use this Adblock Plus application on mobile phones with the Android operating system and mobile phones with the iOS operating system. The Adblock Plus application has been previously known for the problem of blocking fish on PC or laptop devices.

Now Adblock Plus is starting to penetrate into applications to be more freindly when used on mobile devices such as Android phones or cellphones made by the Apple company. The features contained in this application include video block ads, block Facebook ads, block banners and pop-up ads. In addition, this application will secure the data you have from tracking carried out by third parties outside of this Adblock Plus application.

You can download and install this Adblock Plus application for free through the Google Playstore and Appstore and this Adblock Plus application has been proven to be effective for eliminating all kinds and types of ads that interfere with the comfort of playing online games.

3. Ad-Blocker Apps

The next application that can be used to eliminate and block all kinds of annoying ads when you play online games using an iPhone is an application called Ad-Blocker. This application is specifically designed to facilitate iPhone users to be free from advertisements that appear on their cellphones.

To be able to use this application you need to pay a license in advance of $ 1.99. These costs will be proportional to the benefits you get when using the Ad-Blocker application. This Ad-Blocker application is proven to be effective at blocking ads and these ads will no longer appear when you are playing online games using your iPhone.

So, those are some ways you can do to get rid of ads when playing online games. That is all and thank you.

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