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How to Block and Unblock People on Facebook

Friend! Have you ever been annoyed with someone or a friend on Facebook because he or she wasn’t clear or often spam chats, or often made weird comments? And your annoyed friend wants to block it? But my friend do not know how? Relax, my friend can follow the steps below in the article on how to block and unblock people on Facebook!

Playing Facebook can indeed fight boredom and boredom when there is no work. Because on Facebook we joke with friends, see collections of funny memes, see serious discussions, see other people’s statuses and stories so that we are entertained, see business developments, and so on.

Facebook can indeed be so positive if we use it wisely. The application, which is headed by Mark Zuckerberg, is indeed very popular, and has become an old player who has accompanied several people’s journeys.

This application is a witness to us in the past or how PDKT with their crush who is now a life partner or has not become anything and who knows where to go~

How to Block and Unblock People on Facebook?

how to block people on facebook

With so many friends on Facebook, we might be happy and also be able to better recognize various people’s characters either from the conversations or the statuses they publish. But sometimes there are people who annoy on Facebook, whether it’s continuous chat, comment spam, tagging our account in their uploads, and so on when we don’t want it.

To keep people like that, maybe we can unfriend or unfriend. But it seems to be less effective because he can still see us. well one of the most effective ways is to block them. By blocking, they do not have any access to our account. So how do you block and unblock people on Facebook?

Well, the first way to block people on Facebook and maybe you can try it easily is through the menu settings or settings.

What are the ways?

  • First, please open Facebook first, then login to your account.
  • If you have, my friend will enter the homepage. So here you can select the menu icon in the top right corner.
  • Here please click settings or Settings.
  • Then AirMod friends can select Then select the Block menu on the left side.
  • Now in the Block user option, you can type the name or email of the annoying user you want to block.
  • Then a list of users will appear who typed their name.
  • Just click buddy block.

How to Block Friends Through Profile

This method is classified as the easiest and fastest way, so here you can follow the steps:

  • First, you can search for the name of a person or friend in the search field
  • If you have, you can click and open the person’s facebook profile
  • Next, my friend can open the menu with icon three dots who is beside Message or Message option. Later, several options will appear, please go directly buddy then select block.
  • Finished! Buddy managed to block people on Facebook quickly.

How to Block People on Facebook Via iPhone

If you are an iPhone user, maybe the appearance of Facebook will be a little different, of course this is a little difficult. But don’t be confused, here we will show you how:

  • First, please open Facebook on your iOS device
  • If you have, you can select the Menu icon at the top right of your iOS screen
  • Buddy can scroll or scroll down, then select menu Settings & Privacy.
  • Then you can tap the Settings menu.
  • If you have entered the settings menu or settings, please select the Blocking menu.
  • Here you can click Add to Blocked List
  • Now, please look for the name of the person you want to block in the available search field.
  • Finally, if the account appears, you can click the button block

How to View and Unblock People

how to block people on facebook
image by freepik.com

Well, if you have changed your mind about unblocking it and want to be friends again, don’t be confused because the method is very easy. Here are the steps that AirMod friends can follow:

  • First, you can open Facebook. Then on the home menu, you can click the down arrow icon in the upper right corner
  • Next, please select the option “Settings & Privacy”
  • Then here you can click “Arrangement”.
  • On the left side, you can directly click on the option Blocking.
  • Well in part Block user, AirMod friends will see a list of people that you have or have blocked on Facebook.
  • If you want Unblock people, my friend can directly click Unblock next to the name of the person you want to unblock.
  • Finished! Buddy managed to make friends again.

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The final word

How? How to block and unblock people on Facebook is very easy, right? Please, my friend, follow the step by step yes!

Ok, good luck! 😊

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