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How to backup Android data so that data is not lost during a factory reset!

Afraid of losing data because of doing a reset? It’s a good idea to understand how to backup Android data to a PC before the cellphone has problems. So, how to do it?

Android is a type of mobile phone that is currently widely used in everyday life. Various activities can be done and helped with the use of android. However, if the problem occurs on the cellphone, then be prepared to lose all stored data. Actually there are several ways to backup android data that can be done. So, what can be used as media to solve data backup problems?

Mobile and PC is one of the media that can be used to relieve backup problems. This method can be done easily and quickly. Besides how to backup android data to a PC, is there a way that can be done to restore deleted chats from whatsapp? Of course all these ways can be done, after understanding the information. How to do it? You can understand it, through the next section.

How to Backup Android Data

how to backup android data
how to backup android data

To back up data, there are several ways that can be chosen. One of them is by utilizing a free application, Super Backup and Restore through the play store.

  1. Download App

The first step that must be done is to download the application. Downloading the application can be done easily through the play store. After that, wait until the application is installed perfectly. When finished, open the application and use it to do a backup. Keep in mind, that every time you press the menu, a process will be needed for processing.

  1. Select Menu Backup

The next step is to do a backup. The way to do this is to open the application and select the data to be backed up. For example, if you want to backup SMS, then select the SMS menu. This Android data backup method can be used for other menus, such as the gallery and music. You just need to decide which menu to use and back up.

  1. Backup All

To continue, you can press backup all for a full backup. After that press OK and wait until the backup process is complete. If you have trouble, follow the manual provided to help with the process. No need to worry, because this process can be run in a short time and the cellphone can be used again as before.

  1. Process

As already stated, in doing backups you have to wait a while. This is known as the process, so wait until the process is successful. If so, check again whether the backup has been completed or vice versa. Also, you can repeat it again for other menus you want to backup.

In addition to using applications on mobile phones, you can use other ways to back up Android data. The method in question is to use a PC. This method is preferred because it can be easier to use than using a cellphone alone. So, how to do it?

How to Backup Android Data To PC

how to backup android data to pc
how to backup android data to pc

To be more secure in storing data, it is highly recommended to use a PC to back up data. As for the way that must be run to do it, can be seen below,

  1. Prepare USB Cable

As a first step you must prepare a USB cable for use. In this case, it is necessary to connect the cellphone to the PC. For its use, it is required to prepare a cable which is the default from the cellphone. Because if you don’t, it will cause problems on your cellphone or PC, because of forced revocation.

  1. Enter the Settings Menu

Next, you have to enter the settings menu on the cellphone. In that section, look for the backup and reset menu. On some cellphones it may have differences, to make it easier try looking for it in the search box. After that, how to backup android data to a PC can be done more easily.

  1. Local Backup Menu On Mobile

After finding the menu, select the local backup menu or local backup. This menu will help the process of transferring data from mobile to PC. The backup process takes time to move, so it’s worth being a little patient so that no issues occur. If it is unplugged, then there is a possibility that the backup process failed.

  1. Move File

Finally, you have to move the backup file to PC. To ensure that your files can be saved, prepare an empty folder on your PC. Not only that, also make sure that after data transfer, no problems occur on the laptop. Because usually, after transferring data the laptop will be slow because it receives data that is too heavy.

However, this method is not optimal, because it cannot be done by all types of cellphones. For that, it is important to pay attention to how to backup android data to a PC which can be used on a cellphone. So, there will be no obstacles that interfere with the backup process on the cellphone.

How to Restore Deleted Whatsapp Chats on Android, Easy

how to restore deleted whatsapp chats on android
how to restore deleted whatsapp chats on android (Image via Andrés Rodríguez)

Not only data on mobile phones, application data can also be restored if deleted. The data that can be returned in this case is whatsapp. So how to do it? Here’s the review,

  1. Uninstall Whatsapp

First, you have to uninstall your WhatsApp. Please note that this method of restoring deleted WhatsApp chats on Android will not work if the chat is too old. Wait a while until the application is completely deleted and no longer exists on Android. So, what is the next step?

  1. Reinstall the Application

Next, you have to re-install the application. The easy way is to find it through the play store and type the whatsapp application. Try before installation, prepare memory first. Because the memory required for this application is quite large.

  1. Restore Chat

After completing the installation, you can re-enter WhatsApp. However, the steps that must be carried out are not completely over. Because there are still other steps that must be carried out, namely making sure that the chat is really back. The way that can be done is to restore your chat history and select restore. After that, wait for a while.

  1. Wait for a moment

In turning on WhatsApp, there will be several steps that must be carried out. One of them is to wait a while for the chat to return perfectly. In waiting for the chat to return, it doesn’t take long. Therefore you just need to be patient and wait for the chat to actually return and be able to use it as before. For the success of how to restore deleted WhatsApp chats on Android, do this.

  1. Important to note

In carrying out this method, several things need to be considered. Where you have to make sure that the number used is the same number as the previous backup. In addition, it should also be noted that the chat is not too old or too old. If these steps are carried out, then this method is sure to work optimally.

So, have you tried to do it? If it’s difficult, don’t hesitate to check back on how to backup Android data and the other methods presented above. Do it repeatedly, if you still have problems. If you’re still having trouble, try checking again if any errors were made during the process. If there is, then this is what may be causing the failure. Hopefully you are not confused about how to restore deleted WhatsApp chats on Android.

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