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How to Archive Instagram Posts

Did you know that we can archive the posts on Instagram? Now, if it’s been archived, your IG followers can’t see the post, but it’s not deleted, it’s just hidden and can be displayed again. For this reason, in this discussion, we will review how to archive Instagram posts in full.

Uploading photos or videos on Instagram is indeed a cool thing, by sharing photos or videos from trips, we can document memories based on time like photo albums and we can view them at any time without fear of losing the photos. Not a few people who continue to share cool stories on Instagram, maybe my friend is one of them?

But at one time we wanted to delete some posts on the profile for some reason, but we felt sorry to delete them because these posts contain beautiful memories.

So instead of deleting it, you can archive the post. Instagram itself has a unique feature that can answer that problem, namely the archive feature. Now, how to archive Instagram posts, you can find friends in this discussion

How to Archive Instagram Posts?

To archive your own Instagram posts means that your posts will be hidden from your profile. Hide doesn’t mean your post disappears, but the post will be moved to the archive page. There is no time limit for archiving or reappearing posts to profiles.

Here’s how to easily archive Instagram posts.

  1. Go to Posts

    First, please, my friend, choose which post you want to archive. Then please, buddy, select the settings icon (three vertical dots) that we have marked

  2. Select Archive

    Next, you will see several options, there is an Archive option, please select Archive. If you use Indonesian, just adjust it, because the method is the same, only the naming is different.

    To check whether your post was successfully archived or not, you can go to your profile, then click on the three horizontal lines icon in the top right corner.

  3. Select Archive
    Click the Archive menu as shown in the image below

  4. Saved Posts in Archive

    Now, finally, my friend can see if there are photos or posts from my friend that are in the archive. If there is, that’s a sign that you have successfully archived Instagram posts.

  5. Restore posts from archive to profile

    Now for those of you who want to display archived posts to your profile again, in the photo, you click the vertical three-dot icon, then select the option “Show on profile”

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The final word

Above is how to easily archive Instagram posts. How? very easy is not the steps? please follow me buddy. If there is something you want to ask or discuss, you can write it in the comments column below! Good luck! ️

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