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How to Activate Windows 10 Without Product Key Easily

Are you looking for a way to activate Windows 10? But it is constrained because it does not have a product code to activate it. Now in this discussion, we will share tips on how to activate Windows 10 without a product key.

Windows 10 is the most widely used computer operating system, of course because this OS is the easiest to use, even though the Linux OS itself is now fairly easy like Windows, it seems to have lost its reputation.

One of the variants of Windows 10 is, the Pro version. Well here we will provide information on the features offered on Windows 10 Pro, what are they?

The following are some of the features offered by Windows 10 pro:

  • Device Guard and Secure Boot
    An exclusive application software for Windows 10 pro that ensures the device will not be read by Malware or other malicious software.
  • BitLocker
    Encryption tool application to help devices encrypt or lock data on the C drive so that it is difficult to access by other people who are not authorized or without permission.
  • Group Policy Editor
    This feature allows users to set rules and set specific access for different network usage.
  • Remote Desktop
    As the name implies, this feature allows users to control the computer remotely so that they can access the PC from anywhere.
  • Fall Creators Update
    This feature is to maximize the needs of high workloads such as in companies with heaps of critical data. Of course, it is supported by a strong memory to make it easier to share files quickly.

How how to activate windows 10 without a product key?

The obstacle to using the Windows 10 OS is a licensing issue, it is undeniable, this OS is a program that is not free, and the price is quite expensive especially for a freelancer, even though the price is actually comparable to the features and capabilities on offer.

Can I still use Windows 10 Pro Product Key?

Actually you can use Windows 10 without being activated using a Product Key, but the features you will get will be very few and you will not get the latest updates in real time.

So you can already use it, but in a limited way. Yes, if you need Windows 10 for business activities, you should use a Product Key License, so that you always get security updates.

Even if you still want to know how to activate Windows 10 without a Product Key, we have some tips and tricks to activate Windows 10 using the Windows activator tool.

  1. First, you can use a tool called KMSPico, now this activation tool was developed by Team Daz from the United States which is a well-known hacker team and ranks as the No. 1 Windows 10 activator in the market. Buddy can activate it easily, for the tutorial we have discussed in the previous discussion.
  2. Using KMSAuto, now this is also one of the widely used tools for how to activate Windows 10 without a product key, you can see the tutorial by googling it.

So those are 2 Windows 10 activators that you can use. Please note that we are not responsible for what you use, in this case the Windows 10 activation tools, all the risks you have to bear.

Why Do You Need an Official Windows 10 Pro Product Key?

As a reminder, the use of Product Key in Windows 10 is to get the latest updates from the company, especially the addition of new features, bug fixes and security system patches. If you don’t use the Windows product key that you use, you will face problems including,

  • A warning or notification will always appear asking you to provide a valid activation key or product key.
  • Some features may not work and work as intended.
  • Automatic Windows updates will not work for your computer.
  • Buddy will face difficulties by installing some new applications or software through Windows store
  • Some of the component features and programs developed by Microsoft may not work properly or will give an error message when running.
  • Windows 10 themes and virtual desktop features will not work.
  • Buddy may not be able to use Microsoft virtual assistant

The final word

The solution if you want to activate Windows 10 but have a thin budget, please look for the Windows Product key in several online stores such as Shopee with the keyword “Windows license”. There you will get a Windows license key at a low price.

How to explain how to activate windows 10 without the product key that we provide? If you have questions, criticisms and suggestions, please share them in the comments. Good luck and good luck! ?

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