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Here's How to Set the FF Auto Headshot 2021 Sensitivity

One of the quick ways to subvert the enemy in the Free Fire game so that you gamers get a win or lose is to do a headshot. To be able to make it happen, my friend needs to do a few tricks. One of these tricks is setting the FF auto headshot sensitivity correctly.

If you don’t know how, you don’t have to worry. Because in this post, I will share the procedure with all gamers friends.

Why You Should Set Sensitivity & How To Set It

FF auto headshot sensitivity setting

By adjusting the sensitivity, the chances of winning are very large. Try opening the settings in the gear logo at the top right corner, then setting the sensitivity number of the weapon’s scope as best as possible to reduce recoil and make it easier for you to lock the enemy’s head as a shooting target.

This is not without reason, because the head is the most fatal part. Enough with 1-2 shots (headshot), your opponent will fall and auto return to the lobby.

The sensitivity settings are as follows:

  • General 100
  • 2x Scope 95
  • 4x Scope 85
  • Red Dot Sight 45
  • AWM Scope 100

Actually, changing the sensitivity setting of Free Fire is not difficult, it even tends to be easy to do. Gamers just press the gear button which is located at the top right corner in the main lobby. After that, you just have to follow the steps below:

  • Select Sensitivity or Sensitivity in the menu list on the right.
  • Shift each bar based on the numbers mentioned above
  • After that, just close the menu by pressing the X button at the top right corner.
  • The settings will be saved automatically and you can immediately play them.

Causes of Failure to Perform Headshot

Sometimes after you do the sensitivity settings, it’s still difficult to do a headshot. Actually the failure was caused by several important things. You need to pay attention to this and fix it.

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1.Not Understanding Weapons Well

Buddy gamers may still not master the weapons that you will use. Starting from the distance, speed, and damage. In this case, you should only use weapons that fit and are comfortable. Because, when you are difficult to align with the weapon you are using, of course it will be difficult to set the shot correctly.

2.Position of the shooter is not right

Sometimes the failure to do a headshot is not only caused by a lack of understanding of the weapon used, but also because your position as a shooter is not quite right. Therefore, make sure you look for a position that allows you to target the enemy, on the other hand, you are safe from the range of other people’s fire.

3.Not Using Remote Scope

So that the headshot that you will do does not miss, try to use a scope with high multiples such as a 4x scope. That way, gamers friends will find it easier to do headshots than just using red dot.

That’s an explanation of how to set the sensitivity of the FF auto headshot correctly so you can booyah. If my friend still fails to do so, try to pay attention to the 3 causes of failure to do a headshot that I have mentioned above.

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