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Here's How to Restore Lost FF Guest Accounts

Knowing how to restore a lost FF guest account is very important just in case one day you gamers experience it. It is quite worrying if the guest account that has been used so far suddenly disappears.

If any of you gamers experience this, don’t panic. The account can still be restored as long as you know how. For that, make sure you read the continuation of this post, because at the bottom I will share how to restore it.

Oh yes, before proceeding to the procedure, maybe some of you gamers are not very familiar with the term guest account. You need to know that the term guest account is used for a temporary account created for gamers who just want to try the fun of playing the Free Fire game, but don’t want to create a main account.

Things that need to be prepared in advance

How to Restore a lost FF Guest Account

If you want to restore your friend’s lost Free Fire guest account, then there are things that must be prepared first, then follow the steps and how to restore the lost FF guest account in this article. The things that need to be prepared are as follows:

  • Smooth internet connection.
  • Information about the Free Fire Guest ID and Nickname that you are using.
  • Screenshot of the Free Fire Main Account that you are using.

After preparing the three things mentioned above, then my friend can continue the steps that I will mention below.

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Details of How to Restore Lost FF Guest Accounts

The details on how to restore a lost FF guest account are as follows:

  • First, open the Garena Support site at https://help.garena.co.id/ using your favorite browser.
  • Go to the Garena Support site.
  • After that click the Email icon on the main screen.
  • Then log in using an account that is already connected with Garena. (Facebook, Garena and VK).
  • After logging in, then click the Select Game menu -> Free Fire.
  • Next click Free Fire Game
  • On the Select Category menu, please click Account.
  • On the Sub-Category menu, just select Other.
  • After that, gamers friends will be asked to enter the Player ID, Nickname and the problem.
  • Make sure you fill in the complete player nickname and request for the return of the lost Guest Free Fire account.
  • After that, my friend needs to upload the screenshot of the main Free Fire account that you are using.
  • Then click Send.
  • Then click the Ticket List menu at the top.
  • There you can see the status of your application on Garena Support.
  • Wait for the process to take approximately one week. To be more sure, check the Ticket List on Garena Support often.

Hope it is useful.

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