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Here's How to Play PUBG Beginners So You Can Survive Until the End

For a beginner in the PUBG Mobile game, it is natural to be killed quickly at the beginning of his jump from the plane. Because after all, this one battle royale game can’t be played just like that.

Need strategies and playing tips that must be considered, especially for beginners in this game. Therefore, in this article I will share tips and how to play PUBG for beginners. By applying the tips that I will mention, a beginner will have no trouble surviving and dominating the battle.

How to Play PUBG Beginners to Dominate the Battle

Set Control Precisely

One of the important things in the PUBG game is to control it properly. This is important, because everyone certainly has a way of setting according to the level of comfort he feels.

Even though the PUBG game has default settings, some gamers still need to change the settings according to taste. These settings are related to button position, sensitivity level, and so on.

Choosing the Right Landing Place

Having the right place or landing site is very important. Because landing in a zone with lots of enemies will actually cause gamers to risk being shot and sent to the lobby. Therefore, landing in the safe zone is much better.

One of the proper landing locations is on the outskirts of the map, not in the center. Even though both are in areas where they can be hit, landing on the outskirts of the map is much safer and the risk of getting shot is also smaller.

Pay Attention When Loot

Loot items such as weapons and the like is important to do, because all of them support in battle. But you have to remember, it shouldn’t take too long to boot, but it should be done quickly and accurately. Don’t even think about choosing a lot of weapons when looting, because that will make you slow to move and put you at high risk. Looting sufficiently and immediately leave the loot.

Choose the Right Weapon

Combat requires the use of proper weapons. Therefore, when choosing a weapon, try to choose a weapon that is more appropriate and feels right to use.

Not all weapons can be used by gamers. For initial weapons, just use pistols such as shotguns and submachine guns. Because, the two weapons have a close shooting range. Avoid using light machine guns and assault rifles, which are weapons with a long shooting range.

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Don’t Stop Moving

How to play PUBG for beginners which is also one of the main keys to being able to survive until the end in PUBG battles, which is not to stop moving. Whether gamers attack or avoid enemies, you have to keep moving.

Although gamers can choose to remain silent and look for opportunities to get out when the number of players remaining is low, it is less challenging. It’s better if you learn to face challenges so that you are more trained to face PUBG battles.

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