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Here's How to Overcome Not Responding Applications and What Causes It

Android is now one of the Operating System most widely used in the world. Android itself is in great demand because of its sophistication and also the various features in it. Android has made several updates or updates to become what it is now which is Android 10, and the last update of Android 11 has entered the Beta stage.

Android has an application store which is called the Google Play Store, the Play Store itself contains various sophisticated applications that can help people. In addition to applications, the play store also provides a book/e-book store, Movies, and so on.

Now on your own cellphone, there must be an application, whether it’s built-in or installed by yourself. But sometimes we find problems that occur in applications on our android, yes, namely applications that stop suddenly or better known as Not Responding.

How to Overcome the Not Responding Application and its causes

Before you solve the problem, it’s good to know in advance the cause why some applications experience Not Responding, namely:

  • Application Has Bugs; now this problem can occur because the application has a bug so that it becomes an error and ends the application being not responding.
  • Application Not Updated; This problem is actually relevant to the cause above, where the system that has not been updated or updated has many bugs that result in errors.
  • Not Strong RAM; Well usually this problem is mostly the cause of some applications not responding, especially applications that are quite heavy like Instagram or Line. Small RAM plus large applications cause RAM to be not strong.
  • System Error On Mobile; This problem can occur because you don’t update the system update on your cellphone so that the system experiences errors or bugs.
  • Virus; The next cause can occur due to a virus. Viruses can make the cellphone system error so that the application does not respond because of chaos in the cellphone system.

Those are some of the causes that make the application on your android unable to respond or not responding. Actually, there are many causes, but the problem is the cause that is often encountered for applications on Android that are not responding.

But friends, don’t worry, we have an antidote for ways to deal with applications that are not responding or applications that cannot be opened on your Android phone. Okay, without further ado, just take a look below!

Update or Update Application

By updating the application, you can overcome applications that are not responding, you know, how do you do that? Actually it’s easy to update or update the application, namely by

  • First, my friend, open the Play Store application on your cellphone
  • Then, type the name of the application you want to update via the Search or Search field.
  • Later in the application there is an option “Updates”, Please buddy update yes.

But if you want to update everything at once, you can use this method, namely

  • Open the Google Play Store on your cellphone
  • Select the three line icon in the top corner, then go to settings
how to solve the application not responding on android
  • Then my friend select the option “AutoUpdate Apps”and set.
how to solve applications that can't be opened on android
  • Now later the application will be updated automatically, wait until the update is complete and reopen the application that has been updated.

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But if this method doesn’t work, you can try another method, namely:

Clear App Cache

One way to overcome the application not responding is to clear the application cache. Cache itself is the rest of the data that we no longer use. How to?

  • First, go to Settings on your cellphone or you can select the gear icon. Then scroll down and select menu “App Management”
how to solve games that can't be opened on android
  • If you have, click on all applications or some applications that you think you often access.
android app can't be opened
  • Then click the application that you want to choose, and select “Storage Usage”
the cause of the application not responding
  • And there must be a choice.”Clear Cache”, you can click to delete it.
why the app can't be opened
  • Reopen the application and check whether the problem is still not responding or not.

Well, if it still doesn’t work, try another method, friend, below, with

Clear App Data

Now, the way to deal with applications or games that cannot be opened on this one is to delete data from the application, for the same steps as above, namely clearing the cache. But the difference is in the last option, my friend chooses “Clear Data” or “Clear Data”.

the cause of the application can not be opened

If the data has been deleted, please re-open the application. Later when in the application, your cellphone will re-download the new application data.

Update Mobile System

Maybe the system on your cellphone is experiencing interference or BUG or a virus so that the applications don’t respond. So, to solve this, you need to update your cellphone system. How to?

  • Buddy go to Settings or you can click the gear icon on the menu on your cellphone.
  • Next scroll down and find options “About Phone”
  • Well later there will be notifications or notifications about your system to be updated.

By updating the system, the system will be better than before and can overcome the bugs that make the cellphone error.

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If the method above doesn’t work, the recommendation for the last way to deal with our not responding application is

Delete Some Applications That Are Not Very Important

Now the last method might be able to help your cellphone to overcome applications that are not responding, namely by removing some applications that are not important. Why?

With so many applications, more and more RAM is used so that RAM is not strong or does not work optimally. Overcoming in this way can help your cellphone so that the RAM becomes spacious and works optimally. It is ensured that the application will not be responding again.

The final word

Well, maybe the method above is the best way to deal with the application that is not responding or can’t be opened, which we can describe for you, hopefully it can help. But if you have other ways and recommendations to solve Android application problems, you can tell us all through the comments column below. Thanks and good luck! ️

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